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  • si gaming gs63 specs
    Are you aiming to buy another laptop that weighs less than the one you own now? If you said yes, then thank your lucky stars since so many makers at the moment are making affordable laptops. You might get laptops which might be thinner than the expensive but they still work great Some of them can even do a similar job as bigger but with one major difference and that is in the cost that you pay...
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  • aming gs63 2022
    The keyboard is clearly one of the aspects that gamers will find most delightful. It is backlit like you have never seen before, offering more than 1,000 color combinations and 5 scenario modes with the keyboard LED Manager, it is solid and the keys are well-placed, well-spaced and extremely responsive. The touchpad is classic and responsive, but aming gs63 does not match the...
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  • i gaming gs63 review
    MSI has recently released two gaming notebooks, the GX780 and the GT780R, both models coming with innovative designs and more than interesting and powerful technical specifications. In the following we are going to shortly review the GX780, a 17.3-inch performance-based gaming laptop. Even though the GX780 is clearly a laptop designed firstly for gaming purposes and the attention has been...
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  • gaming gs63 laptop
    Buying a laptop will get difficult. A lot of thought needs to be put when deciding what kind to buy. You don't need to spend a mint on something that you're going to regret in the end right? Don't you think it is going to be a bad idea to spend so much on something that you won't get to use all that much. It is not rare for people to spend a whole lot over a gaming gs63 laptop they do...
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