MSI has recently released two gaming notebooks, the GX780 and the GT780R, both models coming with innovative designs and more than interesting and powerful technical specifications. In the following we are going to shortly review the GX780, a 17.3-inch performance-based gaming laptop. Even though the GX780 is clearly a laptop designed firstly for gaming purposes and the attention has been given almost entirely to the performance level of the notebook, the new MSI i gaming gs63 gaming equipment does not disappoint when talking about the design.

MSI has tried to combine the classic looks of a compact limousine with an aerodynamic contour spacecraft for the exterior design of the GX780, and we think that they have done a pretty good job. The new MSI laptop is sturdy, strong, but elegant, the black casing being extremely smooth.

As far as weight and dimensions goes, the GX780 is clearly a heavyweight player, making it difficult to consider the new laptop as a highly portable piece of equipment.