Black Pepper Essential Oil is extracted from seeds through steam distillation. Black Pepper Essential Oil has one advantage that it doesn't irritate your eyes or makes you sneeze as the ground peppercorns do. Black Pepper Essential Oil works best when used with other essential oils. Black Pepper adds heat and spice to your blends. Black Pepper Oil helps in improving blood circulation and eases the aching of muscles. Black Pepper Essential Oil is refreshing and a good choice for blends intended to enhance attention and stamina. Black Pepper must not be used before bedtime.


Blends well with:


Bergamot oil, Cardamom oil, Lemon oil, Lemongrass oil, Lavender oil, Clary sage oil, Clove oil, Sandalwood oil, and Cedar wood oil






  • Black pepper essential oil has warming, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties.  It reduces pain from tired or injured muscles.  It also eases cramps, improves tendonitis, and relieves symptoms of arthritis. It improves your blood circulation when you massage the oil into your muscles.
  • Black pepper essential oil reduces anxiety and stress.  Its aroma helps calm you down by soothing nerves and relaxing your muscles.
  • Black pepper essential oil removes excess fats, salt, water, urea, and uric acid from your body.  Its use may improve Glucose tolerance and liver function too.
  • Black pepper essential oil protects your body from free radicals that cause aging and disease.  It also helps to reverse free radical damage already made.





  • Some research shows that applying black pepper oil near the right side of the nose improves stability when the eyes are closed in older people.
  • Using black pepper oil for over 3 hours may reduce cigarette cravings and anxiety who smoke.
  • Black pepper oil can be used on the nostrils or nasal cavity for one minute before meals to improve swallowing in children with brain disorders who have been fed through a feeding tube for long periods.





  • Black pepper is quite safe when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in foods.
  • Black pepper is safe when taken by mouth as medicine and applied to the skin.
  • Typically, Black pepper oil does not cause side effects. Black pepper might have a burning taste.
  • Consuming large amounts of black pepper by mouth can accidentally get into the lungs, and can cause death.
  • Besides, some individuals experience irritation when applying essential oils to the skin. You should do a skin patch test before using any new essential oil.
  • Pregnant women and children should consult doctor before using essential oils.


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