If you are looking for business opportunities in Finland, you have come to the right place. Here, you will be able to read about a number of different areas of interest. You will learn about some of the companies you can join in with, as well as the investment and FDI opportunities that are available for you.
FDI from Finland to overseas

Finland is a Nordic country, situated in Northern Europe. It is bordered by Sweden and Norway, and is a member of the European Union. The country has a relatively stable modern economy and offers a high-quality investment environment.

Finnish investments are supported by preferential trade arrangements, a streamlined labor market, and high-quality infrastructure. Finland is also part of the World Trade Organization.

Aside from its membership in the EU, Finland has also concluded a number of bilateral investment treaties with various countries. Foreign participation is permitted in most state-owned enterprises. However, companies involved in national security sectors are not permitted to receive foreign investment.

Foreign investors in Finland include non-EU residents and legal entities. Some of the largest foreign investors in Finland are the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and the United States.

Finland has a world-class investment climate, and foreign investment has increased steadily in the past 20 years. However, the country's weak points are substantial labor costs, a small market, and bureaucratic red tape.

In 2016, the government enacted the Competitiveness Pact, which aims to reduce labor costs and increase working hours. This is part of a larger effort to enhance Finland's competitiveness in the global marketplace.

The Nordic Attractiveness Survey indicates that in 2019, Finland secured a record 194 FDI projects. Finland's total FDI stock is estimated to be USD 97 billion in 2020.

Finland is a signatory to the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. As a result, FDI is not subject to exchange controls on payments.
Investment in Finland

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Finland is a stable, modern economy. It has excellent infrastructure, logistics and transportation links. Also, its business environment is conducive to FDI. In addition, the government has taken steps to attract additional investment.

Finland's economy is mainly built around manufacturing, which is the cash cow. Many Finnish firms are active in clean technology and biotech.

The country has a highly skilled labor force. There are many Finnish firms that are eager to partner with American companies. They want to build solutions that will be sold globally. A growing number of American firms are finding value in creating partnerships to help them reach new markets.

Finland has a great entrepreneurship culture. Companies are constantly developing new innovative products and services. Some of the companies that have benefited from this culture include Metso, Nokia, Digita and Microsoft.

Investment opportunities in Finland also exist in the defense and security sector. Finnish companies have excellent expertise in shipbuilding and ship repair. Moreover, many Finnish firms are keen to engineer American innovations into their solutions.

Among the key challenges that foreign investors face are bureaucratic red tape and an aging population. However, Finland has a strong and functioning society and offers a safe and secure environment.

In addition, the government of Finland has put in place steps to enhance the investment climate. For example, the Corporate tax rate has been cut from 24.5 percent to 20 percent in 2014.

Another positive factor is the Finnish market's favourable business climate. The government has implemented a Competitiveness Pact in June 2016, which aims to increase hours worked, lower labor costs and increase flexibility in the wage bargaining system.
AV Growth Deal

The Finnish audiovisual industry is one of Finland's best creative economic opportunities. This sector is undergoing a major transformation. Companies are investing in RDI to stay ahead of the game. Investing in digital technology also makes doing business easier.

One of the newest initiatives aims to support internationalization of companies in the industry. To date, the project has received EUR 153 million in grants and funding. These include a slew of soft landing services. In addition to providing grants and financing, Business Finland offers consulting and services to support the development of young companies.

Testbed Helsinki is a special service for startups. Founded by the city authorities, the company is open to local and foreign startups alike. Among its offerings are business and technology consulting, testing and certification, and funding opportunities. While the service doesn't require a specific stage of company development, the average time for approval is three months.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has launched a Growth Deal for the audiovisual sector. The project will be an ambitious undertaking, and will involve multiple stakeholders. Although the project will not be completed until 2022, preliminary work is underway.

A number of events have been scheduled to introduce the initiative. On April 20, the public will get a glimpse of the project's future. During this event, a panel of representatives from the industry will discuss what the industry's future holds.

If you're in the age tech business, Finland may be a place you're looking to expand your horizons. The country boasts an innovative ecosystem, spanning the health and care sectors to digital services. Age Tech startups are ready and willing to compete in the international arena.

AgeTech is a relatively new category of technology solutions designed to help the aging population live a healthier, more independent life. It includes technologies such as fall alerts, medical dispensing robots, and automated medicine delivery systems. However, some experts are skeptical about its long term impact.

Some of the best AgeTech innovations come from Finnish companies. Examples include Safe365, an app designed to track the location of older parents. Additionally, self-driving cars and AI can be used to help older individuals with complex tasks.

Business Finland has produced a brochure to showcase Finnish AgeTech offerings. This brochure contains three categories of agetech solutions: connected care, active ageing, and assisted living environments. Each of these categories features a range of solutions, including health tech, mobility, and safety.

According to Business Finland, the main advantage of AgeTech is its ability to address an issue that a growing elderly population faces. One example is the use of artificial intelligence to personalize products and services. A low-friction wealth transfer platform can help to reduce the costs of transferring assets to younger relatives.

Other innovations include an internet service that creates a virtual group yoga class for elders. Meanwhile, an online booking site helps senior citizens access extra space in their homes.
Space sector

The Finnish space sector is on the move. Several new companies are emerging with exciting technology solutions. They are using digital and tech-savvy expertise to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges, such as climate change and food sufficiency.

In recent years, Finland has become an important partner in international space operations. The country has participated in dozens of satellite design and preparation activities. It has also become a full Member State of the European Space Agency since 1995.

A new generation of space operators is starting to emerge, with the aim of making space access and services cheaper and more accessible. This means that traditional business models will be replaced.

To facilitate business growth in the space sector, Business Finland has launched its New Space Economy program. The programme supports space startups through funding, networking opportunities, and internationalisation services. It also promotes employment, media visibility, and global networks.

The programme is an opportunity for Finnish companies to benefit from the strong and innovative innovation ecosystem in Finland. Besides funding startup companies, it provides business matchmaking events, seminars, and training sessions.

Finland's leading players in the space industry are committed to developing solutions that will help nations address climate change. Some of the space initiatives being developed include microsatellites that monitor the impact of climate change.

Finnish companies also play a key role in missions to deep space and on Earth's surface. Their technologies are used in electronics, communications, and software used in space components.