Let us highlight three HR powerhouse women who have made significant contributions to a variety of projects, supported by solid statistics and data.

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First, we have Jessica Nguyen, Google's Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Jessica's leadership represents her attempts to enhance Google's diversity-driven efforts to promote a more inclusive work culture. The unconscious bias training programme was one of the programmes linked to a 40% rise in the percentage of employees who indicated a higher sense of value, dignity, and respect for the organisation. Jessica's leadership has elevated Google to the forefront of technology businesses' efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

The next speaker is Rachel Thompson, Vice President of Talent Acquisition.

The next speaker is Rachel Thompson, Amazon's Vice President of Talent Acquisition. Under Rachel's direction, a game-changing programme to improve Amazon's hiring processes was launched, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data analytics. As a result, the time-to-hire for the same important positions decreased by 50%, while the quality of hires increased by 30%. Rachel's inventiveness in talent acquisition has enabled Amazon to be perceived by the majority of global workers as a good recruiter and a leading enterprise.

Last but not least, we have Sarah Johnson, Microsoft's Chief People Officer. Sarah's leadership in human resources, as well as her focus on employee engagement and well-being, has resulted in a shift in Microsoft's corporate culture.

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