The global electrical hospital beds market size was valued at USD 2,751 million in 2021 and is estimated to reach USD 4,360 million by 2028. A hospital bed is designed primarily for hospitalized patients or others who require assistance or relief. These beds include unique features that benefit both patients' comfort and well-being as well as health-care personnel' ease. To begin with, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that healthcare spending is expanding globally; overall healthcare spending is increasing globally, resulting in improvements in healthcare system. As a result of the growth in healthcare spending, new hospitals are being built and renovated, with new medical equipment and hospital beds being installed. Second, as the population ages, demand in doctor's facility beds will grow as more people want industrial things for medical consideration, particularly at-home restorative care. Producers will also demonstrate new goods with the most recent advancements, such as coordinated scales and key sign screens, in order to facilitate requests. As a result, the Hospital Bed Manufacturing industry's revenue will continue to rise, thanks to predicted interest, new developments, and an ageing population.

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The ageing population is a big market driver because this group is more susceptible to illness due to decreased immunity and a prolonged recovery time. Aged people require extra care since they are more vulnerable to accidents, trauma, burns, fractures, and falls, all of which lead to an increase in hospitalizations cases, fueling the requirement for hospital beds. In addition to this, Demand for well-equipped and well-facilitated hospital beds is a major driver of global hospital bed market growth. Likewise, beds that are intended for a specific set of patients being treated are fueling the global rise of the hospital bed market. Furthermore, the current global emergence of COVID-19 has resulted in an upsurge in patient admissions to clinics and hospitals. Electric beds are one of the most important necessities for patients with critical illnesses. Electric beds offer various benefits, including increased comfort and enhanced blood circulation, as well as caregiver aid, which is quite valuable for such patients. As a result, competition in the market may increase, fueling market expansion over the predicted period.

The global electrical hospital beds market segmentation:

1) By Treatment: Long Term Care, Critical Care and Acute Care.

2) By Type: FullyAutomatic and Semi-automatic.

3) By Application: Bariatric, Delivery/Birthing, General Purpose, Intensive Care, Pediatric, Pressure Relief, Psychiatric Care, and Others.

4) By End User: Dentistry, Home Care, Hospitals and Clinics, Reproductive Care Centers and Others.


The demand for electric beds in North America is predicted to rise as the number of surgeries and patient admissions rises. By introducing innovations and improvements, major market participants in the region are working to improve patient safety and comfort. Furthermore, the current COVID-19 outbreak is projected to increase demand for electric beds. Over the forecast period, all these factors are expected to drive market expansion.

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There are some major players working in electrical hospital beds market, which include Bioclinica, Inc., Biomedical Systems Corporation, Biotelemetry, Inc., Cardiovascular Imaging Technologies, LLC, Icon PLC, Intrinsic Imaging LLC

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