How to install portable playpen? Do you know the installation method of the newly purchased children's portable playpen? If you don't know it, you can learn how to install the children's portable playpen in advance. This will make it more convenient for you to install the children's slide and save a lot of time during the installation process. And if you know how to install the portable playpen, you can also make the children's portable playpen installed with much fewer faults, and it can also make the children who play the children's slides safer. To sum up, there are many benefits to understanding how to install the portable playpen in advance. The following Xinzhai Outdoor Park will introduce you how to install the portable playpen:

When the children's slide is installed, a professional installation team must be required for installation and debugging.

1. Before installing the children's portable playpen, be sure to prepare the bracket of the installed children's slide and some large and small parts in the slide. If possible, put them in categories first, because in this case, the subsequent use can be clear at a glance. This can also make it more convenient for you to install, and if there are any missing accessories in the middle of the installation according to the instructions, you can also add parts in time. If it can also test out that if the children's portable playpen does not meet the requirements you need, you can also return it. Before installation, it is necessary to review the steel pipe bracket of the children's slide, the basic position of the installation and whether the elevation is standard, and the height and size of the platform of the slide should be carefully checked. After confirming that the parameters are safe and correct, the operation can be started. Install.

2. Secondly, after confirming that the required parts are complete and the metal bracket of the children's portable playpen is installed, the installation can be carried out. First, prepare the corresponding designed materials on the metal bracket and complete the installation of the correct slide. After that, it is good to test the slide first to see if it is stable. If there is something wrong, it can be debugged at any time. If it is installed and then debugged, it will ask trouble. (Note that the installation of children's portable playpen must be the same as the drawings provided by the manufacturer)

3. Note that the climbing frame must be installed stably, so that it can be tested by itself or with 1-2 adults. The quality is good, because the climbing frame is a place where children play a lot and is one of the equipment to pay attention to. one. If there is any problem, it will cause great damage. After installation, check whether there are sharp places. If there are any sharp places, be sure to remove them so as to ensure the safety of children when they play.

4. Before use, clean the surface of the slide, and strictly check whether the inner surface of the slide is smooth. When burrs and damage are found, repair and polish it to smoothness in time. After all the parts are installed, it is necessary to carefully check again whether there are missing parts, whether the screw fasteners are loose, etc., to ensure the safety of children playing the children's slide. After all inspections are completed, test slides should be carried out. During the sliding process, there should be no obvious bouncing and rolling phenomena, and they can be used only after all inspections are correct.

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