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India Water Purifier Market Overview

India water purifier market witnessed market growth in the period 2018-20 on account of rising awareness regarding waterborne diseases and water pollution. Growing waterborne infections and life losses because of drinking contaminated water have significantly boosted the country's market for water purifiers. Also, government authorities' focused efforts to provide household access to safe water and their ongoing infrastructural expansion has grown the water purifier market in India. During 2021, the Water Purifier market slowed down during the initial three months of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic which had an impact following the halt of production due to which the cost of water purifiers grew along with component and transportation costs.

India Water Heater Market Overview

The India water heater market is smaller as compared to other consumer durables as heaters have seasonal demand and high energy cost leading to low penetration of the product in the country. Further, the availability of substitutes like immersion rods and cooking stoves further leads to low demand for the product. Although, the Covid-19 outbreak had no negative impact on the water heater market, as the lockdown was implemented in summer by the government when the demand remains the least, and most of the restrictions were revoked during the peak season of water heater sales.

India Data Center Market Overview

India data centre market experienced significant growth in the year 2020 on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in increased access to internet-related services assisted by countrywide lockdowns and limitations. During the pandemic, IoT-enabled devices were widely used for monitoring and surveillance, particularly in the healthcare sector. According to the Department of Telecom (DoT), in April 2020, India’s internet consumption rose by 13% since the nationwide lockdown in March 2020. Furthermore, the government has launched several initiatives to promote data localization.

India Cotton Market Overview

India Cotton Market has been accomplishing growth since the time the market established and there are several factors helping the market to attain success and these factors include agricultural practices, global demand, government support, and research and innovation.

India Lithium-Ion Batteries Market Overview

The India Lithium-Ion Batteries Market grew significantly in 2017-2020 on the account of rising demand for smartphones and electric vehicles in India. India is the second largest mobile phone market in the world many smartphone manufacturing firms had started their manufacturing base in India. Further, in 2020, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of the lithium-ion batteries market declines as the majority of raw materials is being imported from China and Australia.

India Silver Market Overview

The India silver market has been witnessing significant growth and the market is projected to rise more during the forecast period due to the strong domestic investment and export opportunities offered by scrap exports from countries like China & South Korea amongst others coupled with improved awareness regarding its safekeeping capabilities amidst stock markets volatility & fluctuations.

India Advertising Market Overview

In the last decade, India advertising market experienced steady growth, but in 2020, several companies curtailed their advertising spending due to a significant decrease in consumer confidence, leading to an economic demand shock. By 2021, the market rebounded, surpassing pre-pandemic levels as restrictions were eased. The surge in advertising expenditure was fueled by pent-up demand among various brands and improved cash flows, indicating a robust resurgence in the Indian market. Following this recovery, in 2022, the advertising expenditure in the market surged by an impressive 21 percent. This increase was in line with the heightened consumer confidence levels, reflecting India's resilient demand-side fundamentals.

Bangladesh Fish Market Overview

Bangladesh Fish Market has been progressing at a faster pace and it is anticipated to grow more efficiently in the coming years attributed to the surge in demand for fish as a staple food in the country, diverse aquatic ecosystems, government initiatives and policies. The market is also coming across certain factors that can hamper its growth.

Bangladesh Textile Market Overview

Bangladesh Textile Market has been growing faster and this market is anticipated to accomplish major growth during the forecast period on the back of the nation’s robust manufacturing infrastructure, favorable government policies and trade agreements. These factors have been stimulating the growth of this market.

Bangladesh Furniture Market Overview

The Bangladesh Furniture Market has been attaining significant growth and is projected to grow at a tremendous growth rate in the near future on the back of key drivers such as robust economic development of the nation, rising population as well and growing urbanization in the country. This market is confronting certain challenges that can hamper its growth.

Bangladesh Footwear Market Overview

Bangladesh Footwear Market is progressing faster and it will continue to expand more in the near future on the back of the nation’s growing population, rising middle class with high disposable incomes, rising working population in the country, and growing demand for comfortable and fashionable footwear. These factors have been driving the growth of this market and they will continue to aid in the market growth.

India Eyewear Market Overview

The India eyewear market is experiencing substantial growth, primarily fuelled by several key drivers. One of the major drivers is the increasing awareness of eye health and the growing prevalence of refractive errors. As the use of digital devices becomes more pervasive and individuals spend extended hours in front of screens, the demand for corrective eyewear, such as prescription glasses and contact lenses, has risen significantly. However, the market is facing some major challenges such as the presence of a large unorganized sector offering low-cost and counterfeit spectacle frames.

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