Regarding engagement rings in Ottawa, Ontario, most brides are looking for modern, classic, and trendy rings, much like east-west rings. These diamond rings offer a timeless look and are great for the contemporary and alternative bride who wants to showcase their bold and dazzling style and personality. 

Reasons to choose east-west diamonds

If you have your heart set on east-west diamond rings in Ottawa, Ontario, then you need to know that the cut and setting of your gemstone are very important. Always check if the horizontal setting you choose is tough and will securely hold your center stone in place. 

Most jewelers will advise you to opt for a bezel or a prong setting and pick cuts like an oval, round, emerald, or pear that make your gemstone stand out. You can even get your ring custom-made by a professional so that your setting and cut will pair perfectly.

East-west wedding rings in Ottawa, Ontario, are versatile. If you want a vintage-inspired feel, you can pick raw diamonds in this setting or even set your gemstone with a mixed metal band for a modern aesthetic. 

If colorless diamonds aren’t your style, you can choose a pink or yellow diamond for a pop of color. The best part about this diamond setting is that you can pair it with any gemstone, like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, metals, settings, and styles that suit your needs. 

Final Word

Many brides are opting for this engagement ring style as it not only stands the test of time but never truly goes out of style, making it the perfect piece to pass down to future generations.