Being one of the most popular airlines in Australia, Qantas has been providing its services to all as per the requirements that have been put forth. In case you are planning to have a long vacation, you can immediately make a booking with Qantas Airlines by looking over the attributes associated with the airline's communication channels. This would help you to find the best mode that suits your needs.

Connecting channels available with Qantas Airlines:

There are disparate contact modes available with Qantas Airlines, the particulars of which are given here as follows:

  • Conversing with Qantas Airlines agent on call:

You can directly place a call at Qantas phone number, which would get connected to the customer support team of the airline. This mode is the best one for when you want to talk to a live agent with the airline. The airline can thus easily be contacted at +1 1800 227 4500**, wherein a certain waiting time needs to pass to get the call connected. Soon after, you can state the reason for the call and proceed with the necessary action as instructed for the redressal. 

Point to remember: The agent with the airline has 24/7 availability making the calling lines to be open always. 

  • Sending in a mail to the team of the airline:

The mailing option with the airline can be made use of in case the passenger would like to send across an email. The official mail address of the airline is [email protected], where you can share all the details and attachments pertaining to the query raised. 

  • Filling out the contact form given by Qantas Airlines:

As part of the  Qantas customer service, you can fill out the contact form provided. It is the interface for sending in a complaint, suggestion, complement, or claim.