The chances are that you will have almost certainly heard of commercial jetwashing, and it is very much what it sounds like: a process by which a jet system is used to clean any of a range of surfaces. 

Indeed, jetwashing can be provided as a service for both residential and commercial premises. But to keep things simple, let’s focus on premises in the second category for a moment. 

Business sites can quickly become dirty, which can lead to a range of issues 

As a business owner or someone with responsibility for managing a commercial site, the chances are that you will spend a lot of your time and energy focused on your core business. This could mean that, over time, the external areas of your commercial site you are responsible for gradually accumulate dirt, debris, and staining. 

That’s not a great thing when you will be looking to make a positive impression – for example, on potential or current customers or clients who might visit your brick-and-mortar premises. 

Furthermore, such a situation can rapidly present some major health and safety issues. If, for instance, there are wooden surfaces at your commercial site, moss and algae could develop, and lead to the surface becoming slippery. 

And even if you do have some time occasionally to get on your hands and knees and carry out some cleaning of your premises (or to arrange for someone else to do it), such traditional and manual cleaning techniques might not do much to get rid of the most stubborn stains. And the use of certain chemicals in these processes could also be harmful to the environment. 

So, commercial jetwashing might sometimes be needed – but what does it involve? 

The principle behind jetwashing is simple enough: it draws upon the power of water to literally blast dirt and debris off a surface that manually applied soap and chemicals might not be able to clean effectively on their own. 

A commercial jetwashing service involves the use of specialised jetwashing equipment to deliver a narrow, high-pressure jet of water, hitting the targeted surface with an immense amount of kinetic energy. Such a combination of speed and power knocks the dust and dirt off the given building, thereby thoroughly cleaning the surface. 

It might sound so simple – a literal “point and squirt” exercise – that you may wonder whether you could just do it yourself, instead of having to hire a professional. 

However, for quite a few reasons, that might not be a great idea. 

Commercial jetwashing may sound straightforward enough, but it entails the use of specialised equipment, and presents certain health and safety issues. As we touched on above, health and safety concerns might have been part of your motivation for looking into a commercial jetwashing service in the first place. So, you will hardly want to make a decision that puts anyone at avoidable risk. 

By contrast, here at Nationwide Property Clean, we can take those risks off your hands, through our use of only suitably trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated operatives. Our professionals know all the procedures that need to be followed in order to carry out a safe and thorough jetwashing operation, and our service includes the necessary risk assessments and method statements. 

Request a quote now for well-priced and effective commercial jetwashing 

When you have your own property professionally jetwashed by Nationwide Property Clean, you are likely to be stunned by how utterly clean your buildings look; you might wonder whether you’re even looking at the same premises. 

To learn more about what the complete commercial jetwashing service can consist of, and what great value it can be, please don’t hesitate to enquire to the Nationwide team today for a quote