For decades, educational institutions have played pivotal roles in shaping the world, moulding minds, and birthing innovations. But few have done so with the vision, commitment, and global appeal as the International Azad University.

The Embodiment of Global Ambitions

Established as a part of the illustrious Azad University in 1982, INTIAU soon blossomed into a unique space for international students, tailored to resonate with global sensibilities while keeping the core values of the university intact.

The campus isn't merely a place of learning; it's a confluence of cultures, a tapestry of traditions, and a testament to the universal language of education. It's no surprise that an ever-growing number of global learners find their academic calling here.

Innovative Learning – Beyond the Books

One of the hallmarks of education at INTIAU is its blended approach. While traditional learning remains a cornerstone, the university stresses the importance of hands-on experiences. A stroll around the campus, and you might find a group of students engrossed in an intense discussion, the buzz of the latest Azad University workshops in the air, or tech enthusiasts testing their innovations in state-of-the-art labs.

From Bachelors to Doctorates - A Journey of Excellence

The academic pathways at INTIAU are as diverse as its student community. Whether you are taking the first step with a Bachelor's program, diving deep into research with a Doctorate, or honing your skills with a Master's, you'll find that INTIAU offers a nuanced, comprehensive, and globally relevant curriculum. And with systems like the Azad University Degree Verification in place, students are always assured of the legitimacy and prestige of their qualifications.

Support and Care - The INTIAU Promise

Setting foot in a foreign land can be daunting. But at INTIAU, every international student is met with open arms, a support system that stands by them from day one. Whether it's about finding the perfect accommodation or navigating the nuances of a new culture, the dedicated welfare and accommodation officers are always at the ready.

Collaborations and Affiliations - Global Synergies at Play

INTIAU's vision is further solidified by its esteemed partnerships with universities and institutions worldwide. These collaborations enhance the learning experience, offering students a chance to engage with global perspectives and challenges, making them truly global citizens.

A Call to the World

With campuses strategically located in hubs like Great Britain and the UAE, INTIAU isn't just an academic institution. It's a beacon for students worldwide, shining bright with opportunities, experiences, and the promise of a world-class education.

Come, be a part of this journey. Discover, learn, and grow with International Azad University.

Why Choose Azad University’s INTIAU:

Picking a school is a big step. If you’re thinking globally, Azad University’s INTIAU should be top on your list. Why? It offers top-tier education mixed with rich cultural vibes.

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Visiting Azad:

Seeing is believing. Visit Azad to get a firsthand feel. We offer guided tours to show you around.

How to Connect with Azad’s INTIAU:

It’s simple. Either drop by, call, or use our digital channels. Our team is always ready to help.

Studying at INTIAU:

At INTIAU, you get more than just books. You become part of a big, caring family.

Alumni Ties:

Our past students are all over the world, doing great stuff. Connect with them for work, studies, or just to chat.