For posting the films to the You Tube first you'll need to produce videos. The You Tube helps the videos in both.AVI and.MPG format. You should use a digital camera to produce films or you can make them using a cell phone or perhaps a webcam. Any films in these formats can be submitted right to the You Pipe from the unit where it's recorded. These You Pipe movies may be seen by anyone.

If you are taking a video employing a camcorder always check if it's a digital one. The electronic unit may be used to soot the videos that you wish to upload. After the shoot is total, you have toyoutube to mp3 converter  get in touch the camera to the pc using a USB product via the USB port on the computer. Then your transfer usually takes place easily to the You Tube. But not totally all camcorders are digital and then your analog devices can be used to get the videos. 

After using the films they must be converted to the digital structure and for this you need to utilize a converter. This will support us to improve the analog signal to the digital one and this is actually the format the pc may understand. The movie recorded might be quite easy and may possibly not have any particular consequences so you'll need to incorporate exactly the same that its watching becomes more interesting. 

The computer may assist you to do this. You must have pc software on your desktop that will give some excellent details like introducing music or some visual effects. Such application may be simply saved and every time you wish to make a movie to add on the You Tube you should use it. This modified version might have a better effect on the viewers. The final touch should be in a format that the You Pipe accepts. They are QuickTime,.MOV, etc.