The global veterinary teleradiology market size was valued at USD 218.2 million in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period 2022-2028. Veterinary teleradiology is a technology that allows radiologists who are not there at the time of the image generation to interpret and analyses the images. The most prevalent places where veterinary teleradiology is employed are pet hospitals, veterinary radiology institutes, and veterinary clinics. Veterinary technology is regarded as a cutting-edge method for enhancing animal health and treatment in a timely manner. Teleconsultation, telehealth, and tele diagnosis are some of the most common teleradiology applications that help radiologists operate more effectively.
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The veterinary teleradiology market is expected to be fueled by a growth in the companion and livestock population, a rise in the incidence of livestock diseases, an increase in the number of veterinary care, and an expansion in animal welfare expenditure. Furthermore, veterinary teleradiology market technical breakthroughs such as real-time data analysis and favorable reimbursement policies are projected to boost the market throughout the projection period. The veterinary teleradiology services industry will face significant challenges due to high operational cost, image transmission problems, and little visibility in emerging markets. Makers are likely to spend more on product technologies in order to quickly turn data that includes a variety of information and technology criteria. The market is being driven by continuous teleradiology trends, as well as the current IT infrastructure, which includes artificial intelligence and analytics, low-maintenance cloud, and picture backup storage.

The global veterinary teleradiology market segmentation:
1) By modality: Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound Scans, X-ray, Nuclear Scans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
 2) Service type: Day Time Coverage, Emergency care, Sub-Speciality Reading, Second Opinion. 
 3) Animal Type: Companion Animals, Livestock. 
 4) End-User: Veterinary hospitals, Clinics, Radiology centres.

Due to the obvious large number of pet adoptions, growing sickness and unintentional incidents in pet animals, and rising spending on animal healthcare, North America is predicted to lead the international market, while Europe is expected to hold the second largest market share. Due to the increasing trend of pet adoption and increased focus on teleradiology solutions, the market in Asia-Pacific is likely to develop at a considerable pace during the forecast period.
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Some of the major players working in veterinary teleradiology market, which include Animal Imaging Consultants (U.S.), VetCT (U.K.), Lynks Group (U.S.), PetRays (U.S.), Vet-Rad LTD (U.S.), IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (U.S.)
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