The words were extremely harsh and impolite, but when Xiaolong heard the voice, he seemed to be very gentle. He couldn't get angry by any means. He hurriedly rushed to talk about it one after another and said, "Master, didn't you fall too unjustly as a thief?"? Is it really hard to be a good person in this world? ?” Xiaolong's two words, though not angry, also made the middle-aged nun frown again and again. Then the middle-aged nun smiled softly and said, "Little benefactor, you can give her to me. I have another fate with her." Xiaolong was at a loss what to do with this young woman, but now someone was willing to turn her into one. There was no reason why he didn't want to. It was just that saving people needed to be done. In front of her, the nun, although her face was full of righteousness and bones, was still inconvenient to hand her over before she was completely enlightened. When she was feeling the difficulty of advancing and retreating, she suddenly felt that her shoulder was rolled up and sent out an incomparable swelling force, which flew from her shoulder to the nun's Almsgiver, it's getting late. The poor nun still needs to return to the mountain in time. Although the poor nun and the benefactor have no chance, they can point out a clear way for you. It only depends on the depth of your good fortune and how good fortune is. "Then he threw out an object, and the little dragon reached out to catch it. The nun had already picked up the young woman and hurried away without looking back. The little dragon didn't see the nun move at her feet, but fluttered away like a gust of wind. I don't know what kind of kungfu it was, and just now he just saw the nun stretch out her hand and her shoulder was rolled up, but she broke free and flew away by herself. He couldn't help shaking his head and sighing. The universe is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. If you get this kind of strange man as your teacher, are you still afraid that the blood feud can't be paid off? The cock crows and sings early, the dawn appears slightly,L Methylfolate Factory, the small dragon falls down the side courtyard quickly, someone in the Escort Agency has already acted, fortunately has not been discovered. Returning to the room, the little dragon thought of appreciating the object in his hand. It turned out to be a piece of black bamboo, one inch wide and three inches long. It was dark and shining. In the middle of it, there were seven characters inlaid with gold thread, "Cangxiong Vigorous Changchun Island". Turning over the back, there was an ocean painting carved horizontally. There was a small sandbar floating in the middle. It was so confused that it could not be seen clearly. It seemed that it had been worn down a lot over the years. The little dragon read out the words "Chang Xiong is vigorous in Changchun Island", as if he had heard it before. But he thought about it for a long time and couldn't remember it. Suddenly there was a sound of a boy on the door. The little dragon didn't have time to change his clothes. He immediately got into the quilt. The boy came in with tea in his hand and said with a laugh,Glucono Delta Lactone, "My husband, the chief of the escort will come back quickly. He will be home tomorrow. Are you happy?" After a pause, he said: "Xianggong!"! There is a big news that last night the magistrate's office went to a messenger to arrest the soul. With a blue face, fangs, big copper eyes, a red tongue three feet long, and twenty feet tall, and with a little steel-painted dagger in his hand, he arrested the souls of the guards in the palace who were honored as gods by all the police officers in the magistrate's office. Early in the morning, there was a storm in the city. Xiaolong listened to straight want to laugh, oneself this night unexpectedly turned into the soul messenger of the height Zhang two hooks, this is not slippery world big check? Do not want to, the boy left not half a moment, and hurriedly ran, "Xianggong!"! Xianggong ! It's not good ! It's not good ! "People shout before they enter the door.". The little dragon was still lying in the quilt, holding a piece of black bamboo in his hand and meditating. Hearing the boy shouting without thinking, Thyroid Powder Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, he immediately stopped and said, "What's all the fuss about?" The boy ran out of breath and said hurriedly, "I don't know. Miss Zhang yuanwai of East Street suddenly disappeared last night.." Xiaolong already knew what was going on, but he said slowly, "Do you need to be so anxious?" In his heart, he said, "Are you really nosy?"? "Xianggong, you don't know. Zhang yuanwai is from a scholarly family, and he is the richest man in the city. She is an only daughter. She is twenty-four years old this year, and she hasn't left the cabinet yet. It's not that she doesn't look like a human being. No one wants her. It's because she's sick in her heart. She can't be high or low. Xianggong, guess what.." "I know if you don't say it, it's so beautiful that no one dares to take it." "Xianggong, you are wrong, the big girl is beautiful, there is no one to want?"? Because she has someone in her heart. But this man came to ask for marriage, and Zhang yuanwai refused without asking. When Miss Zhang learned about it, she tried to die again and again, but she was saved in time. When Zhang yuanwai married her, she always threatened her with death and dragged on for five years. Zhang yuanwai refused to promise anything to that man, so Miss Zhang refused to marry. She didn't want to disappear suddenly last night. What business is it of yours? My little brother. !” The boy suddenly sighed and said, "It's none of my business. Of course it has nothing to do with me. I dare not think of having such a lucky life. But can you know who the young lady's sweetheart is?" "I don't know, and I don't need to know, because I.." Xiaolong said with a mean smile. "Don't you really want to know?" Xiaolong seemed a little angry, because the boy spoke hesitantly, this kind of thing that does not need to be cared about, but just used to annoy people, just want to speak out to reprimand. Xianggong, Miss Zhang's sweetheart, is Big Escort Li, your Big Brother Li. The little dragon was so shocked that he jumped up from the bed. The black bamboo fell over him. He grabbed him and shouted, "What did you say?" Boy "oops" a call, beans sweat rolling down from the head, wailing way: "Good husband, my hand is going to be broken, you let go, I said!"! I say !” Only then did Xiaolong realize that he had lost his temper. He quickly let go of his hand, only to hear the boy say, "I said that Miss Zhang's sweetheart is Big Escort Li in our Escort Agency. Your Big Brother Li, now the Zhang family has come, and they are making a lot of noise in the shopkeeper, saying that Big Escort Li came into the people's house at night and robbed the ladies." With that, he immediately retreated and left. He was afraid that Xiaolong would give him such a blow again, and that he would really suffer a lot. It was too unfair! As the saying goes, if you don't care about things, you will be in chaos if you care about them. Before it was clear, Xiaolong saved the young woman out of righteous indignation and chivalry. The middle-aged nun snatched the young woman away. He only thought about it a little and then left it behind. Now, when he knew that the person he saved was Brother Li's lover, he was extremely regretful and should not have given it to the old nun easily. Up to now, it's up to Brother Li. Where should I start? If Xiaolong turned to the head of the two evil spirits of Kinmen, he said bitterly, "You've made me sorry for Brother Li. I'll have to kill you!" Thinking of this,Sex Enhancement Powder, Xiaolong hurriedly changed his clothes and went out to the cabinet. He saw the Chief Escort, Bagua Palm, turning around to see the guest off. He saluted and said good morning. Bagua Palm nodded to him and went back with a smile.