"I'm just trying to reunite the family.". Anyway, Chen Yuhe has leaked the news of Lu yuan, and he and Zheng Yuhu will die together. Mu Dashao sneered at this point: "The guy who always follows Zheng Yuhu to be annoying, does bad things, and looks like an eyesore should thank me, the second cousin, for saving his life regardless of the past. Otherwise, according to Zheng Yuhu's temperament, even if Chen Yuhe is his cousin, he will not show mercy." Lin Erha rolled his eyes and let out a breath from his nose. So you send him to prison, where he eats and does hard labor every day, and he thanks you for helping him escape?! It's so shameless. Not to mention the person who is going to go in, what about Lu yuan? Now he's completely exposed. Mu Dashao gave a sneer when he heard this. Just watch! He won't be able to jump for a few days. Lin Erha expressed some dissatisfaction with his master's failure to answer his question directly, and turned his head and lay down. Well, I don't know if it's because of the puppy's body. He's been eating and sleeping a lot recently. It's probably growing up. Hey hey, sleep, sleep, I heard that the puppy grows fast,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, a month later he will be a majestic wolf of Dongdu! How interesting. —————————————— Lu yuan recently felt that everything was not going well for him. In the past month, his popularity in the entertainment industry has dropped sharply, and he has received fewer and fewer scripts, so that he has the feeling that he is going to be out of fashion. But Lu yuan did not care much about whether he was very popular or not. Not to mention that he is the young master of the Lu family, although the Lu family is not a famous family in a city, but also a rich family,glass cream jars, he has no worries about food and drink. More importantly, he has his own way to make money quickly and profitably. Compared with this, the money earned by the entertainment industry is really insignificant. However, from about ten days ago, Lu yuan found that his second and most important way of making money through the entertainment industry began to gradually appear problems. First, the people who traded with him would be exposed on the Internet every time they traded, because most of the people who traded with him were stars in the entertainment circle, or rich people and officials who kept these stars, so this kind of exposure was no different from a huge earthquake in the entertainment circle and the financial circle. Originally, the first few exposures of Lu yuan and those stars and officials were able to find someone or heal them through their own means, but as more and more people were exposed and more and more inside stories were dug out, Lu yuan was horrified to find that his trading network had been completely destroyed in this short period of ten days. It was like a great fire, burning everything around him, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, leaving only wanton flames around him, waiting to devour him clean. The drug trade must not be allowed to continue. Lu yuan did not feel guilty and hesitate, his men to sell a clean, Lu yuan took the initiative to put his trading and possession of drugs anonymously to the public security Bureau, because his men are all remote through their own mobile phone action, so Lu yuan can be sure that even if they are caught, the anti-drug team, the public security Bureau can not find him. Instead, this matter can be completely cut off. Although he lost a lot of money and goods, Lu yuan believed that it was necessary for the gecko to cut off its tail, as long as he was safe. After that, those people were caught clean. At the same time, the anti-drug team and the Public Security Bureau, as Lu yuan thought, could not find out who the biggest leader of the drug trafficking group was, no matter how they investigated. It was probably the fifth day when he went to the first hospital to visit Mu Yanxiao without success. The biggest case of drug abuse and trafficking in entertainment circles in a city was solved. Lu yuan watched the news on TV and finally breathed a sigh of relief. God knows he's been on tenterhooks these days, but he's all right. Just then, the door of Lu yuan's own villa was banged. Lu yuan frowned. It was only seven o'clock in the morning. Who would come to him so early? But before Lu yuan could open the door himself, the door was unceremoniously knocked open, and more than a dozen heavily armed anti-drug police officers rushed into his home and pinned him to the ground. !! What are you doing?! Break into a house for no reason! Do you know who I am?! Blind your dog eyes! Hurry up and let me go, or you can't bear the consequences! Lu yuan was pushed to the ground, and he could hear his heart beating crazily, but even so, he still showed no fear and scolded the police with righteous words. Suddenly, Lu yuan saw a man in black leather shoes standing on the ground in front of him. Hey, Lu Ershao! We are so destined! A year ago, you designed my sister to go into the club to take drugs and be ruined by those bastards. Now those bastards have gone in one by one. Even if I don't want my official hat, I will destroy their evil roots in the cell. As for you, no matter how big the Lu family is, they can't keep you, the number one drug Lord! You wait to go in and we will treat you well! How many people are waiting for you! The anti-drug police officer who spoke had a sinister smile on his face: "But with your appearance, maybe they can't bear to beat you directly."? Maybe it will hurt you well, don't you think? Lu yuan's face turned white in an instant. Then he struggled crazily: "Zhang Dahu!"! Do you dare to catch me?! I will find someone to kill your whole family! The resentment in Zhang Dahu's eyes was even worse: "Come on, I'm waiting for you!"! There is only one crazy sister and two boxes of ashes left in my family! Kill her and then kill me?! Otherwise, I must torture you to death, in order to solve the resentment in my heart! How could his parents have died in a car accident if it wasn't for pursuing his sister's affairs? He has a good family, because of such a person in front of him, the family was destroyed! He should thank the person who provided the evidence, otherwise, on his own,Blue Bottle Serum, he would never be able to touch the two young people of the Lu family! A big star in the entertainment circle! "The beast in clothes is talking about scum like you!" Zhang Dahu spat fiercely, "take him away!" With a loud sound of closing the door, the arrogance of Lu yuan was thoroughly scattered. penghuangbottle.com