It was the first time she had seen her great-grandfather and grandparents, and she was quite worried. She was afraid that they would be as strict as Mrs. Wen, and that they would question her identity. She did not expect that as soon as she entered the door, there would be so many relatives. It would take a long time to greet them one by one, and she had nothing to do after the ceremony. There was no place for their children to stay in the main hall. After resting in the hall for a while and eating some fruit snacks, it was time for lunch. Master Tai and Wen Chengzhou and other men held a banquet in the East Flower Hall. Wen Jue followed her mother to dinner in the adjacent side hall. This time, she saw many women's families, aunts and grandmothers, seven aunts and eight cousins. A modern man, suddenly seeing so many relatives, has been almost dizzy, only now this brain is good, according to the seniority to write down. Every time the mother introduced one, she saluted and secretly added a mark to the top of the relative's head in her mind, murmuring about his seniority and ranking. When Lu Xiao saw her like this, he couldn't help laughing. He whispered to her, "Don't worry. It doesn't matter if you can't remember all of a sudden. Niang will remind you.". Your younger brother and sister have come several times and often made mistakes. Even during the Spring Festival this year, Sanlang called several cousins and aunts. · After dinner, Lu Xiao took Wen Jue's three brothers and sisters to visit their grandparents. Lu Jinggen was the legitimate son of the third wife of the Grand Master. He was in his early fifties, with thick eyebrows and strong body. Because of proper maintenance,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, only two temples slightly frost, black hair mixed with a small amount of silver, a stone blue pine leaf pattern brocade robe, wearing a golden crown on the head. Mrs. Lu San was wearing a long son with the word "Fu" in the color of autumn, with a little green and golden phoenix hairpin in her gray hair. Her face was ruddy and her face was benevolent. When she had finished saluting, she waved to her with a smile and looked up and down several times. "Look how neat this child's eyebrows and eyes are. Doesn't she look like Qiniang when she was a child?" Lu Jinggen nodded with a smile. Wen Chengzhou was released as an official when he was less than half a year old after he was born. When Lu Jinggen and Mrs. Lu San learned that she had been robbed, they felt heartache at that time. But after all, they seldom got along with this granddaughter,30ml Dropper Bottle, and there were many children and grandchildren under their knees. The pain of missing Wen Chengzhou's husband and wife was not as painful as the pain of losing their daughter, which had faded after more than ten years. Now this granddaughter actually found back, did not grow crooked and did not learn bad, has made the two elders feel quite gratified. When Mrs. Lu saw that her complexion was slightly dark and touched the thin cocoon in her palm, she could not help sighing, "Hey, you must have suffered a lot when you lived in the mountains when you were a child, right?" When she was a child, she was a bully in the Stronghold. She was mischievous and destructive. Except for Zhang Dafeng who could beat her, the other uncles could only scold her at most, or shake their heads and smile bitterly. Where was her turn to suffer? Later, when she grew up, Zhang Dafeng caught the scholar. She followed the scholar to study and learned some rules, and then gradually learned to converge. Speaking of hardship, oil dropper bottle ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, the only thing that made her suffer was practicing martial arts, but she also benefited a lot from it. Looking back now, those hardships are worth it. She shook her head with a smile. "I didn't suffer much when I was a child. Although I had a little rough food and clothing, I had plenty of food and clothing, and a scholar taught me to read and do arithmetic." Lu Jinggen then asked Wenqi a few words about her experience in the Stronghold, and when he saw that she had a decent conversation and learned that she had not wasted her life, he nodded slightly. Mrs. Lu San took her by the hand and said that she would give her a few cans of face medicine, which could make her skin white and smooth every day. Wen Kui hurriedly thanked him. · Sitting and talking for half an hour, Wen Jue and Wen Yu could not sit still, so Lu Xiao asked Wen Jue to take them to the back garden to play. In the garden of Lufu, there is a swing frame, where several young ladies are playing. Wen Jue saw it and asked Wen Jue with a deliberate smile whether she was still playing or not. Wen Jue shook her head. Two teenage girls were walking through the garden. When they saw Wen, they came over to talk to them and looked at Wen curiously. These two cousins are Lu Jinggen in this room, in all the great-grandchildren of Kaocheng Lushi, one ranks fifteenth, one ranks eighteenth. The great-grandchildren of the Lu family were much easier for Wen to remember. Anyway, those younger than her were all cousins, those older than her were all cousins, and so were her cousins. After saying a few words, Lu Shih-niang said, "Some cousins are bowing in the back. Shih-niang and I are going to see them. Would you like to go with us?" Wen Jue and Wen Yu both said they wanted to go, so Wen asked Li Niang to send a message to her parents, and she took them to the back with her two cousins. The so-called Ju is played by riding a horse, that is, polo. After he left Dafeng Stronghold, he gradually realized that ancient people also had very rich recreational projects, especially in the capital. In the words of later generations, "You city people are really good at playing." In the back of Lu Fu, there is a special Ju field, open and flat. The wooden goals of the two stone lotus seats are more than ten feet high and are located on the east and west sides of the field. Wen looked up and roughly estimated that the Ju field used for Ju was at least six or seven times the size of a modern football field. The ground looked as smooth as a mirror from a distance. At first, she thought it was made of marble slabs or gold bricks, but when she looked closely, she realized that it was extremely fine soil. It is supposed to be compacted repeatedly and then rolled with a stone roller. There were already more than a dozen teenagers riding back and forth on the field, but they didn't see them hitting the bow, presumably because they wanted to let the horses move first, or because they hadn't arrived yet. Each horse's tail is tied, and the back of the horse's neck is covered with a yellow or purple satin scarf to distinguish the two teams. There are several other horses on the side of the field, led by the groom, which should be the replacement horses. Wen Jue had just learned to ride a horse yesterday and was still fresh, so she pulled Wen Yu over to look at the horse and boasted to him that the black horse she had ridden yesterday was much taller and more difficult to ride than these horses. "Pointing to a flower horse, Wen Yu said," Second Sister, you can ride this one for me. Wen Jue's words suddenly stagnated. She had been riding horses for so long yesterday, and all of them were led by Cheng Ran. Had she ever been able to ride herself. She said shyly, "I rode too long yesterday, and my legs are sore. I'll show you when I recover in a few days." Wen Kui listened to their conversation with a smile. Suddenly he heard a familiar clear voice behind him: "Do you want to bow,Glass Cream Jars, too?" Chapter 69 Wen Kui looked back in surprise, but saw the young man behind him, handsome and elegant as jade. It was Xie Huaixuan who had seen him in the Accord of Gaoyang Zhengdian that day.