"Oh, is the shadow of the best actor?"? It seems that, apart from personal enmity, Miss Feng Ying and I can still talk happily. Miss Feng Ying has come a long way. Let's hurry into the hall and have a rest. Smiling, the woman, without the slightest self-consciousness of maintaining her manners, stepped down the steps as leisurely as a man with his hands on his back, walked up to her as casually as if she were at home, came up to her and made a standard gesture of respectful invitation. She subconsciously looked at the side of the silent peach home owner peach clothes, but see peach clothes expression calm, even with a trace of respectful connivance, as if a woman so turn the tables is a matter of course, her face suddenly a white, heart cold half, this time, she is too late? The first time she met, she was defeated. She had a premonition that she would be defeated again this time. But now the arrow was on the string and she had to send it. Even though she knew she was losing, she would stick to it. This is not.. Behind her stood a young man with a haughty look and a handsome face, dressed in a fine military uniform,gold cil machine, which made him full of heroism, but unfortunately, he was a straw bag. The fool also saw the smiling woman, could not help blurting out, the voice was uncertain, immediately broke her thoughts, she frowned in disgust, if not for the hundred thousand weapons,magnetic separator machine, how could she deal with such a talented person, in this case, even if she knew who the woman was, she must pretend not to know, do you want to be in full view of the public? Admit that they had kidnapped the woman together, and that the woman left easily and gracefully? What she didn't expect was that her frowning movements, which ordinary people would never notice, were seen by the seemingly indifferent woman in front of her. Phoenix's eyes narrowed slightly, and a perfect separation and reunion plan was formed in a short moment, which completely destroyed the plan they had planned for more than half a year, and also left a shadow in her heart-rather provoke the King of Hell than the Phoenix. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "What are you doing this for?" Seeing Feng Ying and the figure of the arrogant young man disappear in front of me, Tao Lang pulled me to mutter. Do you know that the best actor is from Fenggu? I suddenly smiled, but there was no smile in my deep phoenix eyes. I didn't know this at first, Carbon in Pulp ,Carbon in Pulp, but I knew it later. Tao Lang was stunned, weighed my expression, or chose to answer my words honestly. Do you know that Fenggu people are famous for protecting their shortcomings? “……” "Your father wants to see our jokes. Hum, with his little fox, he dares to show off in front of me. Even if there is a conflict of interest, it is not your father's turn to watch the play. If you want to reap the benefits, it depends on whether your father has the ability.". Tao Lang, you can ask your father later. Your mother has been coughing for twenty years. He loves his wife so much that he lets her suffer every day. Has he never thought of eradicating his wife's problems? I raised the corners of my mouth, such a smile, even Nan Yin could not help but shiver. As if struck by a bolt from the blue, Tao Lang stared at me like a monster with an unpredictable expression on her face. You, you actually- "" "What?" Nan Yin looked at me deeply, and there was a trace of gloom in his eyes. I thought we were friends, my aunt had been ill for many years, my uncle did not know how many famous doctors he had found, and the reason why Tao Lang was precocious was that he had no mother to take care of him since he was a child-we all thought there was no medicine in the world, but I didn't think you had medicine, but you hid it from us for so long, and now it's for this reason.. Tao Lang, like a frosted eggplant, stared absently at the green brick in front of me. I smiled faintly. Do you know that your father wanted to buy this medicine guide from me half a year ago in the name of a businessman from the State of Yue? If you want people to believe in it, you must believe in people first. Ah Lang, you'd better not interfere in the affairs between adults. When the time comes, I'll give you a healthy mother. A man can bleed without tears. Alas, it seems that my teachings to you have been wasted these days! I sighed and touched Tao Lang's head gently. He was almost as tall as I was, and he had been killed and fought bloody battles. But after all, he was still a child. Such a fact was cruel to him. It turns out that you know everything about my family! His voice was slightly choked. I knew your mother before your father knew her. What don't I know? Go in, Tao Lang. There are a lot of things that you can't understand at your age. Take my words to your father for a long time, but it depends on the gesture I give you! Chapter V Robber Logic Is it a shame to be defeated by a man who has defeated himself countless times? If she had asked Feng Ying with this sentence before, she would not hesitate to laugh at the other party who asked this sentence, but now, she could only shake her head blankly with a wry smile, and she was ready for the moment she saw the woman, but at first she saw such a decline that she had no room to return. In my heart, I could not help sighing for the'he 'who had placed his hopes on her-if these two people could join hands, the world would be so turbulent! Unfortunately, the world chess game, wrong in one move. At the moment when the woman smiled and lifted the lid on a crystal coffin, the room was full of splendor, and the peach dress even turned pale with fright and knocked over the teacup in her hand! In the crystal coffin, there was a fish as big as a ten-year-old boy, with a golden fish tail, a white and flat body, and a jade horn on his forehead. He was looking at the woman's smile as clear as the blue shallow sea! Feng Ying did not know why the senior staff of the crescent island were all out of their minds with the head of the peach family. Some of them even shed hot tears. Feng Ying did not know that the peach clothes looked at the woman's eyes,Portable gold trommel, which suddenly became deep and complicated, while the young head of the peach family hugged the woman, cheered loudly and shed tears. ore-magnetic-mining.com