This is probably the so-called orthodox post-disease, no one can see the true intention of heaven and earth, all fight for the things in front of them, even the Taoist doors far away from the hubbub of the world have joined in the fun. Buddhism, on the other hand, has been ordered to pay taxes since all the temples that receive incense. He also began to change his appearance. With the collapse of Confucianism, the old etiquette and law are no longer there, the people are getting richer and richer, their minds are getting wider and wider, all kinds of entertainment are gradually appearing, and those who worship Buddha are pious except the older generation. The younger generation no longer looks forward to this comfort and thinks that everything is above their own hands. In fact, what really makes Taoism and Buddhism actively enter the world is the basic schools and advanced schools built everywhere in Shenzhou. The precious secret learning of Buddhism and Taoism is no better than the basic and advanced methods in the school. The golden elixir formula that Taoists are proud of is not even as stable as the Qianyan elixir formula in the school, and the Buddhist means of subduing demons have lost their use because monsters have been incorporated into the legal system. Under various factors, Buddhism and Taoism had to reposition themselves. Confrontation is obviously ineffective. Over the years, many sects have attacked the rising sun and Liangshan with the slogan of killing demons and conquering demons. The result is that meat buns beat dogs and never return, or that the wind is drizzling and the water is cold, and Taoist priests and monks are gone forever. In short, solemn and stirring. But when Taoism can not receive disciples among the people, and Buddhism can not receive disciples, it is even more tragic. It's not that I don't understand the world, but that it's changing too fast. Not only were Taoists and Buddhists frustrated, but there were three countries in Shenzhou, especially in the Qin and Tang Dynasties, which did not abandon Confucianism and lost a large number of people, and finally simply moved the whole family to the Song Ning Dynasty. After three generations, these three countries are gone. It is rare to destroy a country without blood since ancient times. As a result, all the countries in Shenzhou were afraid, so they changed their systems to resist. Suddenly, 60 years have passed. In the seventy-eighth year of the Liangshan calendar, Tianxin saw that the foundation for the implementation of the three systems in the Ning Dynasty of the later Song Dynasty was basically in place, so he changed the court to the Ministry of Public Affairs and changed the name of the country to Huazhong. At that time, Emperor Ningjing of the Song Dynasty was one hundred and ten years old. The old man's idea had changed, and he laughed and served as the first highest official of Huazhong Dynasty for five years. Compared with the previous emperors, he saw too many things in his life, and even took a trip to space on the Qinglong Starship of Tianxin. In his words, it was worth it. Moreover, it seems that the highest officer is more interesting than the throne now, and if he is interested in it in the future, he can also sit back through competition. And after finishing these things, the heart of heaven and earth is in trouble. In the past, all souls were ignored because they were not qualified. Now, after a hundred years of all souls, the four continents have been connected, the population has increased several times, and reached an unprecedented 130000000000. This is not important, the important thing is that this 130000000000, there are 10% of the repair to reach the first immortal level. Episode 1 Star Ferry Comes Out Chapter 412 First Touching Shaoqing Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 16:14:18 Words in this chapter: 8074 Hai Zhiguai, the immortal swordsman in the world. Tens of billions of early immortals, in addition to the four continents through, several Chinese principalities or Chinese Dynasties into one of the four continents of the United States of China in the 300 million army of evil immortals by the Chinese military regulations, 2.8 billion police guard early immortals by the three rules, Pallet rack beams , the rest of the nearly 10 billion early immortal, most of them live in Dongsheng Shenzhou, Nanshanbu Zhou, Beigulu Zhou, Xiniuhe Zhou. Enter all kinds of guilds, all the fresh fields that can enrich life, and go in the direction of mental extension; restless ones join all kinds of adventure guilds or work alone, looking for the fairyland, the cave and the refining material in the legend. All of a sudden, four continents, mountains, countless forbidden places, seven sea islands, flying immortals everywhere, that is, the first immortal ability can not freely starry sky, but also common adventurers with the help of various flying tools to rush around. The advent of the age of adventure has brought vitality to the kingdoms and guilds of the four continents, as well as danger. The nation-building complex is always an inevitable complex to open up the times. Due to the rapid development of the United States of America in the four continents and its expansion in the form of a country, 90% of the territory of the United States of America in the four continents has come down to a hundred years. The remaining 10% is almost the territory of the original kingdom and the blessed land of each immortal sect. As a result, many Chuxian ambitious people swept their eyes to the islands of the seven seas. Overseas, this is scattered everywhere. With the spoof of the first immortal, the scattered islands of the seven seas were seized in a few years, and the momentum simply frightened the seven seas and monsters. Fortunately, the first immortals were deeply influenced by the idea of the Four Continents of China, and they were still good, and they did not do anything to kill the demons and seize the caves. Of course, occasionally there are people who do this, but there is absolutely no good end, unless they can kill all the victims, otherwise, as long as there is a victim who escapes, goes out for a tour, joins the United States of China, and immediately sues, the bad first immortal who did bad things in the past will be as sad as he is.. Dense. Over the past few decades, all the founding immortals and even the original Sanzhen old demons have become indifferent. The rapid development of the United States of America in the four continents is beyond the imagination of any immortal. After breaking away from this main body and settling down, I went outside to have a look, only to find that I was so backward. Moreover, with the increasing number of early immortals. Space capability is increasing day by day, and the United States of America has built a so-called fairy world in a place with dense planets in space, which is actually a star city. The cave house and the deep-sea islands occupied by the people are nothing compared with that one. The Kunlun Immortal School, which was once prominent, has now become the Kunlun Academy, and the Qinshan Sword School has changed its name to the Qinshan Sword Tower. Many old demons who can still practice Taoism gather together to set up a demon guild, all of which are to keep up with the situation and avoid being eliminated. The adventure is infinite, the life is endless, the spirit day is not long, always has the time. Rising Sun Liangshan calendar 128, the flourishing Wanlingtian welcomes the guests of the upper heaven in the four directions of east, west, north and south at the same time. When the golden light falls, the sky opens. Due east, a few auspicious clouds fall on Dongsheng Shenzhou; due west. The angel of Shenhua descends to Xiniuhe Island; due south, the sound of our Buddha's Prajna looms in the southern island; due north, the giant spirit swoops down to the northern island of Gulu. When did the world of all souls become so prosperous? "The auspicious clouds in the east faded away, and twelve golden immortals in purple robes appeared. One of them was obviously a leader." Moreover, many of the first immortals do not ascend, and this world of all souls is like the world of immortals in the less clear sky. 。