Original title: The hardest metal VS the strongest drill bit, the process is so wonderful, the result is a big surprise! In Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, there is a company called Tungsten Company, which claims to produce the hardest metal in the world, and no drill can drill holes in it. Words are full, afraid of breaking the tongue. A Japanese company that produces drill bits is not convinced. The result is that under the witness of the media, the two sides openly PK. The rule is a 20mm thick square metal. If a hole is successfully drilled through, it is the victory of the drill bit. If it can not be drilled through, it is the victory of the metal. The result is frustrating. The strongest metal that talks big is really superior. The blade of the super-hard alloy drill bit is damaged, but the metal is not damaged. However, the matter is not over, the major enterprises in the drilling industry have come to challenge one after another, and have fought a total of six battles. The result of 2 to 6 battles: In the second battle, the diamond abrasive particles of the drill bit peeled off. The metal is cut to some extent. In the third battle, the blade of the super-hard alloy drill bit was damaged. No damage to the metal. In the fourth battle, the metal was broken in the middle of cutting. The metal side thinks it has lost. The drill bit side thinks that the damage to the workpiece caused before drilling the hole is also negative. So it's a tie. In the fifth battle, the drill bit drew lessons from the previous competition and designed a method to recover the chips. After 1hr20min of cutting, when there is 3mm left before penetration, the machine stops because the drill bit is completely worn. In the sixth battle, the hardness of the metal side evolves again (above HV2100). In response, the drill bit side adopted slow cutting tactics, and after 7 hours of fierce fighting, the drill bit was worn by abrasive particles and failed again. Despite varying degrees of damage, the metal did not fail. Just when everyone was convinced of defeat, the seventh challenger came with his drawings. What is the outcome of the prediction? First watch the video (with Chinese subtitles), then listen to the detailed explanation. You must have seen the simple drill drawing of the seventh challenger in the video. ↓↓ Expand the full text Unfortunately, DHD Drill bit , the challenger only has an empty drawing. Without the ability to produce such a drill. He said that as long as he could produce the drill he designed. I'm sure I can win. The challenger is Iwata Tool's president, Iwata, the owner of a small company with 40 employees, who is at a loss to design and calculate his own drawings without the ability to produce them. At this time, a miracle appeared. 76 drill bit companies volunteered to join the team to produce this kind of drill bit. They have different high-end cutting technologies. They are willing to give their unique skills to make the strongest drill bit together. President Iwata took out his own design drawings and began to enter the research and development stage with the strongest drill bit team. We analyzed the hardness of the strongest metal in the first six times: It turns out that the strongest metals are not the same. Metal hardness and strength improved with each PK The hardness of the first metal is 1700 HV For the sixth time, the hardness of the metal reached 2119HV. Next, the hardness of the metal should increase against the sky. At this time, the abrasive particles need to be carefully selected. Achieve super resistance and wear resistance Many holes are drilled on the upper side of the drill bit designed by President Iwata, and abrasive particles are buried in the holes, so the difficulty of design and production can be imagined. Start making the drill bit The first thing to be made is the main part of the drill bit. This can be done at IwataTool. Through a unique heat treatment process, An ultra-hard drill bit body is produced The next step is to punch a hole in the side of the drill bit. This requires a professional company to produce. This is technology at the micron level. Then another company inserts abrasive particles into the drilled side hol Next, another company attached abrasive particles to the side of the drill bit. After the drill bit is produced The drill bit is fully inspected by another company of the team. The next step is to test the produced drill bits to deal with various hardness materials, and then to summarize the test, improve the technology and improve the details. Sometimes we will discuss until the early morning. At the end of the drill, a black technology is added: gold plating technology. It is to bond the drill bit and the abrasive particles together to the greatest extent possible. To resist prolonged grinding. The following is the finished super drill bit ↓ ↓ Give a close-up ↓ ↓ This super drill is made to punch through metal with a hardness of 2200 HV. Beyond the hardness of the sixth This hardness is the highest hardness that everyone estimates for superhard metals. And the wear of the super drill bit is very slight. The pressure has completely come to the strongest metal. Nakagauchi, the head of Tungsten's strongest metals, has been in the limelight for the first six times. 31-year-olds think. The hardness of the first six strongest metals is public data. Opponents must be able to build a drill that breaks through the sixth hardness. Will come to challenge. Nakagawa is trying to develop a metal that exceeds the sixth hardness of 2119HV. However, he failed again and again. At this time, the president of Tungsten Company made a surprising move. He wants to change the coach temporarily. The person in charge of the strongest metal was replaced by Matsubara, who was only 29 years old. For honor It's also a fight. Matsubara changes the way the strongest metals are made He sacrificed strength to increase hardness. As a result, the strongest metal he made went against the sky. The hardness has reached 2334HV. Just when Songyuan was developing the strongest metal. President Iwata has not been idle with his strongest drill team. They tried to improve on the way the holes were drilled. Drilling from top to bottom may cause the drilling to stop because the debris cannot be discharged in time. If the drill bit is placed laterally to drill the hole, Debris will be removed in a more timely manner If the rotary table of the drill bit with the strongest metal is kept rotating at this time, At this time, the grinding ability of drilling will be greatly improved. Of course, abrasive particles will also fall off faster. A balance must be found. Finally, after many tests. It was decided to start the turret turning procedure when the drilling depth reached 10 mm Maximize drilling capacity The seventh strongest duel finally began when all sides were ready. The strongest metal really lives up to its reputation. Under the galloping rotation of the strongest drill bit, the cutting fluid turns into an oval shape. However, the strongest metal still defends freely. That's when the miracle happened. The sound of metal rubbing changed. This change was first discovered by President Iwata. At this time, the turntable began to rotate. That is to say The strongest bit has drilled a hole depth of 10 mm The final battle has begun. The strongest metal is just too hard. Rotation of the rotary table increases the risk of breaking the drill bit At this time, the most worrying thing is President Iwata. He even said it. I can't I can't. Result As you can see. The strongest metal has been penetrated. At this time, the strongest drill bit still has a golden body. This wonderful match shows the strength of Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises and the strength of unity,mining drill bit, and the final is at this level. In fact, there is no loser, and both sides have shown their strongest selves. Source: Intuitive Mechanics Editor: Changda Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com