Original Title: Similarities and Differences of Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Fully Hydraulic Down-the-Hole Drills — — Bafanglutong How to determine the classification of down-the-hole drill? There are several typical classification methods. What is the corresponding type of each classification method? And a down-the-hole drill What are the similarities and differences between the pneumatic down-the-hole drill, the hydraulic down-the-hole drill and the full hydraulic down-the- hole drill? Bafang Lutong Grouting Reinforcement Experts Tell You : During rock drilling, the impactor dips into the hole, and the piston (hammer body) in the impactor reciprocates to strike the drill shank through the gas distribution device (valve), so that the drill bit impacts the rock at the bottom of the hole. The high-speed rotation of the impactor in the hole is realized by a separate rotating mechanism,rock drilling tools, that is, by the electric motor or pneumatic rotating device outside the hole,Mining Drilling Equipment, through the drill rod connected to the rear end of the impactor. The rock powder produced during rock drilling is flushed out of the hole by the mixed gas of wind and water. The mixed gas is injected into the impactor through the center of the drill rod by the powder discharge mechanism, and then enters the bottom of the hole through the gas groove on the impactor cylinder. Or fully pneumatic, the first two are drilling rigs with hydraulic oil pumps, not fully pneumatic, but also can be classified by use, dth drilling hammer ,dhd drill bit, this is more, such as blasting, anchoring, well drilling rigs, etc., the structure can be divided into all-in-one machine or split machine. The excavator is changed into a small cutting drill (special hydraulic drill for tunnel, geology, mining and other projects) Advantages: does not change the performance of the original machine. Pipe shed construction team Beijing Bafang Lutong has been focusing on pipe shed construction for 15 years, providing pipe shed construction scheme, frozen pipe driving project, large pipe shed construction technology, tunnel pipe roof construction scheme, pipe curtain construction, pipe roof construction animation video, soil reinforcement, grouting reinforcement,mining dth bit, foundation treatment, etc. Pipe shed construction team back to Sohu, see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com