Original title: Tang Yan's cool and handsome dress, compared with Jing Tian's ladylike style, who will be better? Mention "clothing" this word is basically a lot of girls like, because it is well known that girls like to buy clothes, and now most of the clothing is "trendy" as a hot word, the trend has led to a series of single product sales, followed by the label of personality, now a lot of clothing will be famous for the trend, with stars and Internet celebrities as the representative. So the star's wear is more trendy collocation, like Tang Yan's style is also, the style is very suitable for young people, jeans material is very suitable for fashion, Tang Yan such a sweet girl, control is also handsome. Cowboy has always been the label of young people, but also the origin of a cowboy culture, a lot of clothing with denim cloth will be cool to no good, but also the format is different, the temperament of clothing is not the same, more importantly, there are their own modeling collocation, Tang Yan has maintained her long hair, this is her label has not changed, plus bangs she really looks younger. Eyes are very spiritual, jewelry collocation is also to show such a cowboy style, retro red pendant is also full of personality, neck collar is also a bright spot, the overall collocation effect is very good. Expand the full text Denim material is very retro material, the deep color can increase the temperament of fashion, format is also very young style, suitable for Tang Yan such an age of girls, clothing design did not increase a lot of design, but it is such a simple style to interpret Tang Yan this age of young style, garment measuring tape , matching high boots can appear long legs, but also appear to be very elegant. In addition, Tang Yan's height is not short, and her figure is particularly thin, which can be seen from the control of this skirt. Tang Yan's wear is really hard to hide the cool style, plus slightly curly long hair style, more fashionable style, this time Tang Yan is wearing a very simple style of wear, from the upper body and lower body collocation are very suitable for daily life wear, the color of the jacket is very bright, but it is also a very simple T-shirt, the main color of rose-red is also a reflection of feminine charm. Matching jeans is also very stylish, plus different colors of the pattern collocation is very Fan, the most important is Tang Yan's handbag, color is really not the average person can control, too eye-catching. Jing Tian is also an actress we are familiar with. Her dress is not bad at all. Her clothes are particularly attractive, because her temperament is so good. Compared with Tang Yan's personality, Jing Tian's ladylike style is also great. The fashionable skirt has a fashionable temperament, which can be seen from Jing Tian's control. The design of the figure is too considerate. And Tang Yan's figure contrast is not bad, two people belong to the same actor this profession, the same star halo, whether from wear or figure, the two are on a par. Black skirt seems to be a little personality temperament, this is Jing Tian rarely to control a style, the overall skirt can be seen capable and simple, compared with Tang Yan's jeans simple style, Jing Tian's body is the simple style of skirt, the design of the belt is also very characteristic, both decoration and to highlight the difference, not only is a capable temperament. From Jing Tian's eyes can also see a trace of charming feeling, Jing Tian and Tang Yan in the clothing are very ggth i+1) { html+= ''+brand.name+''; } else { html+= ''+brand.name+' tape-measure.com