Despite being a powerful tool, CNC machining may be pricey when it comes to making sophisticated parts with exact tolerances. By being aware of the design issues with CNC machining stainless steel parts, designers can produce parts that are easy to produce and meet their needs. If an item is not built with stainless steel's machinability in mind, it may be difficult or impossible to process. Exorbitant delays and rework may follow from this. Knowing the design issues with CNC machining stainless steel parts will help designers avoid these costly mistakes. Here are the design considerations for CNC machining stainless steel parts:

Part complexity

With increasing complexity, machining becomes more expensive and challenging. A part made of stainless steel using CNC machining should be as simple as feasible. Avoid things like sharp edges and thin walls that could make machining difficult.

Material selection

The broad phrase "stainless steel," which refers to a wide range of materials with varying properties, encompasses all of them. When designing a part out of stainless steel for CNC machining, it's essential to choose the right sort of stainless steel for the job. Strength, machinability, and corrosion resistance should all be considered while making a decision.

Feature size and placement

The cost of manufacturing a stainless steel CNC machining part can also be influenced by the size and placement of features. For example, machining time would need to be increased for minor features or features that are difficult to access. Make an effort to simplify the machining of a part made of stainless steel using CNC.

Surface finish

The desired surface finish will also affect how much a CNC machine will cost. A smoother surface finish will require more time to process and cost more money as a result. When designing a stainless steel part for CNC machining, be sure to take the application-specific surface finish requirements into account. Avoid specifying a surface finish that is smoother than is required because doing so will increase the cost of the component.


In general, it's crucial to keep stainless steel's machinability in mind when creating a part with CNC machining. By following the design guidelines outlined above, you can reduce production costs and ensure that your product is machined to the highest standards.