Three people face s sè pale completely gave up the escape this war the three of them no longer have a trace of scruples crazy attack the ten leaders of the Scourge team also slightly frowned for a time really some helpless three people The three of them are all strong in the perfection of the main realm of the nine-turn world and even the perfection level of the main realm of the nine-turn world is at the top level Under the crazy outbreak the power is naturally extremely shocking Although the strength of the ten leaders is not weak but in their eyes Qingyazi three people are turtles in a jar trapped animals fight there is no need to fight with them Under such circumstances three people were incredibly able to resist ten masters of the same level But Qingyazi three people also know that it is almost impossible for them to escape the ten leaders obviously did not use all their strength but they are already crazy attack so go on support will not be long before defeat and the only end of defeat is death! Qing Ya Zi the woman with colorful clothes and purple hair Ming Chen three people attack crazily as well as the deliberate reservation of the ten leaders of the Scourge Team such a stalemate has bought very precious time for Ke Bei! At this moment nine wild gods and demons in the body Ke Bei slightly closed his eyes God s sè quiet as if he did not know what happened outside but in fact Ke Bei is very clear but he has no way at this moment Ji Ji Xuangong's practice has reached the most important moment! If you give up Ji Ji Xuangong can't practice to the sixth level even if Ke Bei goes out he can't save Ming Chen Ke Bei doesn't want Ming Chen to have an accident Ke Bei has a deep sense of guilt for the Yan Emperor and the Demons but he has a Health & Medical sense of guilt for Ming Chen He cheated Ming Chen's feelings but Ming Chen is really good to him! "Elder Ming Chen" Shibo hold on a little longer and wait for me! Ke Bei is very eager in his heart but there is no way he can only insist at the moment devouring the divine power has been enough to break through to the sixth layer of Ji Ji Xuangong Ke Bei is trying to break through at the moment! Goo goo goo The ancient power in the body is like boiling water surging washing Kebei's body again and again muscles bones bone marrow viscera are all strengthened at a very fast speed every moment the intensity will grow a lot so the speed of becoming stronger is simply appalling! Outside the black fog area the Lord of the virtual fire frowned slightly as if he was not dissatisfied and the ten commanders spent so much time dealing with the three strong people in the main realm of the nine turns! There is only one target for the Lord of Virtual Fire and the one he must kill is Ke Bei! The Qingya clan the Yan Emperor Shenmue clan and the Purple Phoenix clan are just fish in the pond that have been affected If the Lord of the virtual fire does not make a move he will have to step on the secret land of the dream spirit! "In three breaths solve three people or you die!" The slightly discontented voice of the Lord of False Fire sounded in the depths of the minds of the ten leaders of the Scourge Team at the same time Yes The ten leading gods were respectful and their eyes became cold If the master is not satisfied China Manufacturers don't hold your hand! "Go all out!" "Bomb!" Boom boom! Ten nine turn the main realm of perfect strong no longer retain one by one instant burst out of the power of terror any one of them is not weaker than Qingyazi three people at the moment under the full outbreak Qingyazi Ming Chen colorful purple hair woman suddenly felt infinite pressure suddenly become discomfited End of battle array God's punishment! With a low roar accompanied by the condensation of abstruse handprints the pressure of terror to the extreme came with a bang Boom! Boom! The divine punishment array instantly fuses the divine power of ten people together and how overbearing is the divine power of ten strong people in the main realm of nine transformations The space shook slightly and immediately a dark sword of divine punishment suddenly appeared in the void Hum ~ The black sè sword cut Qingyazi! "No Qingya has no trace!" Qingya son pupil suddenly narrowed he did not dare to fight performed the secret method created by Qingya ancestor! Qingyazi's figure was twisted in an instant as if he had retreated to the endless void (To be continued) ) Chapter 646 destroy your people () The sword of black s's punishment seems to be close at hand but it is billions of miles away separated by countless spaces The secret method of Qingyazi is really abstruse to the extreme which is worthy of the secret method created by the existence of the main realm beyond the realm! At the moment when Qingya's sè relaxed a little the dark sword of divine punishment penetrated countless voids and cut Gifts & Crafts it down directly Oh no no! Qingyazi roared bitterly and performed the secret method of Qingya without trace again and again but no matter where he retreated no matter how many layers of void were separated the sword of divine punishment would appear in an instant It is true that the secret method performed by Qingyazi is very brilliant and is created by the great being who transcends the main realm but is the divine punishment array performed by the ten members of the divine punishment team a general secret method Heaven's punishment array is a secret method created by the Lord of Virtual Fire which is more brilliant than Qingya's traceless and the dark sword of God's punishment is a fusion of ten people's divine power how can Qingyazi hide! Boom! The dark sword of divine punishment fell and Qingyazi fell Immediately the sword of the black s sè divine punishment was cut at Ming Chen! "Emperor Yan does not destroy his body!" With a low roar he didn't dodge at all He had already seen the end of Qingyazi At the moment he directly showed the magic power of the Yan Emperor's God Demon Clan! Buzz Buzz ~ Ming Chen's body suddenly burst into a dazzling red light his whole body seemed to be burning with a raging flame a burst of terror burst out Boom! The sword of black sè's divine punishment pierced the void and fell on the body of Ming Chen Click click click click! Accompanied by a clear sound the immortal body of Emperor Yan was broken and his face was pale to the extreme and suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood The first sword of divine punishment Ming Chen did not fall not to say that his strength is stronger than Qingyazi but Qingyazi chose the way He chose to hide while Ming Chen chose to resist! But at this moment the immortal body of Emperor Yan has been broken if the next sword falls It's hard to avoid a disaster At this moment the leader of the Purple Phoenix Clan a woman with colorful clothes and purple hair suddenly made a move and she had to speak out She is very clear about the truth of the death of the lips and the cold of the teeth If the anger of the underworld falls she will be next! "Zifeng Qingluan Line!" 。