The rest, Li Liang and others, are either pure enough in temperament, slightly lacking in cultivation, or enough in cultivation, but their character is doubtful. He even thought of the master of Atractylodes macrocephala, but Yi An, after all, had no contact with the other side, and did not dare to act rashly for a moment. After sifting through all the possible candidates, he finally thought of one person, Mu Hongqiu. Mu Hongqiu is a swordsmith. He has no other hobbies in his life. He just makes swords. He regards the realm of the unity of man and sword as his lifelong pursuit. Basically, he is either in the sword-casting room or wandering around the world looking for sword-casting materials. During this period, he does not hesitate to risk his life several times. For him, all the fame and fortune, money and beauty are floating clouds, even less than a few pieces of ice iron ore of good quality. Such a simple-minded person does not have to worry that he covets the spirit insect and brings danger to two people. As for asking Mu Hongqiu for help. It is believed that it is enough to find some good materials as a thank-you gift. Yi An and Mu Hongqiu have known each other for decades. They know very well that this man is both good and evil. He acts according to his preferences. He is very Frank. Since they met, they have been very happy to take what they need. Thinking of this, Yi An secretly nodded, drew his left hand, called out the magic of the white dove, whispered in its ear, and then threw it into the sky. The dove fluttered its wings and flew high into the sky. Son Banquet, let's eat. Yi An called softly, pushed the door and entered. Atractylodes macrocephala looked up at the tray in his hand,Inflatable 5k obstacle, a bowl of green vegetable porridge, a bowl of vegetable heart stewed vermicelli, a cup of fragrant braised pumpkin, a dish of small steamed buns with bean skin, and a few side dishes. Everything is exquisite and delicious at first sight. Unfortunately, Atractylodes macrocephala only took one look at his face and turned green, so he fell back to bed feebly. It's not that he's picky. This vegetarian dish is occasionally eaten to clear the stomach, but if you eat three meals a day, even a flower is annoying. What's more,inflatable bounce house with slide, he's been eating for six days. …… I'm not hungry yet. Atractylodes macrocephala struggled for a moment and said this against his will. He knew that if he asked, Yi An would make a table full of birds and animals. But in that case, the hard work ahead will be in vain, and Yi An, who is busy with his own affairs, will certainly be disappointed. Think of here, then a little flinching idea, also live to call Atractylodes macrocephala to press back. How Yi An did not understand his pain. Although abstaining from meat and fish is indeed beneficial to spiritual practice, it is not necessary. At the beginning, he was just a little depressed in his heart, so he said casually, thinking that only when Atractylodes macrocephala could not stand it, he would naturally tell himself, which thought that Atractylodes macrocephala had really endured it. Looking at the originally smooth and delicate little face, because eating gruel and side dishes for several days, has been alive with a layer of dishes, Yi An heart do not mention how much regret. Son banquet, this is the last meal, Jumping castle with slide ,large inflatable water slide, and you endure. "He put the tray on the table," eat these, I will take you to Babao Zhai in the evening. " "Really?!" Atractylodes macrocephala revived in situ, and a carp sat up. Yi An nods: "Nature takes seriously." "It's been a long time." Atractylodes macrocephala sighed with emotion, the tone can be called a hundred turns, in line with the principle of long pain is better than short pain, rushed to the table and began to gobble. He had been carried away by the idea of "having meat to eat", and did not think about the contradiction between Yi An's words and the previous statement. He was looking forward to the big meal of Babaozhai. His eyes, which had been hungry for six days, shone with the luster of a hungry wolf. The white wolf who followed Yi An was too frightened to come in. When Yi An saw that he had regained his vitality, he did not see his sickly appearance before. He did not know whether to laugh or cry. He could not help touching the head of Atractylodes macrocephala, and the corners of his eyes were full of spoiling. Mu Hongqiu's reply had been received a few days ago. He asked Yi An to find a nine-tailed Xuanhu for him as a sword soul. Yi An naturally agreed. The two men agreed that Yi An would take Atractylodes macrocephala to meet in the mountains west of Chang'an City. The appointed day is tomorrow. Before that, it is better to satisfy the wish of the son feast, because the process of stripping the spirit worm from his body is very painful, it can be said that he will not regret it. No matter how distressed he is, Yi An will force him to stick to the end. Atractylodes macrocephala finished the meal of fading birds like wind and clouds, put the bowls and chopsticks back on the table, turned to see the white wolf at the door to enter or not, then swooped over with lightning speed and held it in his arms-not forgetting Yi An's words "never step out of the boundary", and his footsteps were just closed at the door. The white wolf could not dodge and was killed, so he had to be raped with tears in his eyes. Yi An looked at this scene with a smile, as calm as he was, and could not help thinking, if only it could go on like this forever. Unfortunately, things are unpredictable. At dinner time, when he packed up and came to greet Atractylodes macrocephala, the latter had already disappeared from the room. The author has something to say: Girls, I, Hu Hansan, am back! Start resuming updates today ~ ~ Although the on-site inspection of the graduation project lost people, but thanks to everyone, the defense is still smooth, thank you! I have read all the messages before, thank you for your blessing, twist ~ ~ I have a lazy attack, so I won't reply one by one, one by one! 27 27. Things are unpredictable (2).. Facing the empty room, Yi An blinked three times before confirming that Atractylodes macrocephala was really missing. For a moment, as if a basin of ice water poured on his head, Yi An became cold all over, scrambling around, but found no clues, as if Atractylodes macrocephala had disappeared by itself. But how is that possible?! They agreed to go to Babaozhai for dinner in the evening, and Atractylodes macrocephala could never leave at this time. So, who took him? Yi An thought more and more chaotic, the heart gradually rose a restless mood, can not help pacing back and forth in the room, and even felt a trace of panic. After turning around two or three times, he stopped without warning and suddenly realized the fact that he had not had such a weak emotion for many years? With three points of self-mockery and seven points of bitterness slightly affecting the corners of his mouth, Yi An slowly walked to the table and sat down, forcing himself to regain calm and reason. This room is surrounded by Yi An's boundary, if Atractylodes macrocephala goes out by itself, or someone wants to break the boundary by force and take him away, Yi An will know at the first time. Now the person is gone, but the boundary is still intact,Inflatable water park factory, there is no abnormality, then there are only two possibilities-to cultivate far higher than him, or to understand Yi An unusually.