She raised her eyelids, Qin Yinong came out in a snow-white bathrobe, the belt around her waist was loosely tied, the skin exposed outside the bathrobe was covered with light powder full of water vapor, and the undried drops of water from her neck dripped onto her collarbone and slowly slipped to the opening of the bathrobe and disappeared. She has a good appearance, a tall and gentle figure, and she doesn't give her powder. When she first came out of the bath, she was less charming than usual, more pure, and more charming. Tang Ruoyao's eyes did not hide, looking straight at her coming. Qin Yinong went around to the other side, lifted the quilt to bed, and when the quilt fell, he set off a cool breeze and returned to calm. The air was so quiet that we could hear each other's breathing. Qin Yi leaned lazily on the head of the bed and looked down at her: "Go to sleep." She was not afraid of the fact that Tang Ruoyao found herself not sleeping with her for the night. Tang Ruoyao put his elbows on the pillow, propped himself up a little, leaned side by side with her, shook his head and said softly, "I'm not sleepy yet." "So?" Qin Yinong raised his eyebrows and looked at the red blood in her eyes, but did not expose her. Perhaps the night faded Qin Yi's strong protective color, or just intimate let her temporarily unload the psychological defense of Tang Ruoyao, her face is very light, eyes are lighter, deeper is the heavy fatigue. Like a traveler running in the eternal night, losing his direction,inflatable amusement park, obviously tired, but unable to stop. Shall I cut your nails? Tang Ruoyao inexplicably felt sad for her, deliberately with a little nifty tone. Qin Yinong was amused by her as he wished. He bent his lower lip shallowly and said gently, "Next time." Tang Ruoyao did not insist and said, "OK." Qin Yinong never indulges in love and desire, and only wants her once every night, but every time she will enjoy herself thoroughly. But she herself, there are several times Mingming also endure very uncomfortable, Tang Ruoyao dared to touch her,Inflatable bouncer, but was Qin Yilong dead hand, panting to push her away. Tang Ruoyao did not know why, but felt that he did not deserve to touch her? Or is there another reason? Or the reason she didn't want to think about-Qin Yinong had other lovers, and her needs were not her turn to solve. Tang Ruoyao's bright eyes were dim, and for a moment he was not interested in coaxing her again. Qin Yinong added at the right time: "Go to sleep." With a pale expression. Tang Ruoyao lay down with his eyes still open: "Sister." Qin Yinong gave her the hand that tucks in the corner of the quilt to pause, the line of sight falls to her face: "How?" "You.." Tang Ruoyao gritted his teeth and asked the doubts in his heart, "Are there any other lovers besides me?" Qin Yi raised his eyebrows slightly and asked lightly, "What do you think?" Tang Ruoyao anticipated in advance that she might answer like this and said bluntly, "I don't think so." She knows Qin Yilong so long, dare not say to understand her, but Qin Yilong is her half teacher, about the career aspect she is very clear. Qin Yinong is diligent to a terrible extent. In addition to cooperating with the necessary film publicity, she does not accept interviews, does not appear on any programs, and sends less than one hand of micro-blog a year. She devotes herself to filming. From one crew to another, there are two or more films produced every year. She is famous for her high yield and high quality. As long as she is nominated in all kinds of award ceremonies in China, she will definitely win the best actress award. No other actress will win the award. If anyone wins the award over her, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable meltdown, she will be criticized as a shady act. Fame is fame, acting is acting, and the audience is not blind. It's the same in any circle. It's not the genius that's terrible. It's the genius that works harder than you. In fact, there is a saying that Qin Yinong's frequent filming is to collect stamps, that is, to go to bed with stars as a hobby, and to collect stars as stamps. Men and women who collect stamps are not uncommon in the mixed entertainment circle, but like Qin Yinong, it is exaggerated to say that she does not care about men and women, meat and vegetables. This statement is groundless, no one has evidence, but because of the early Qin Yi thick black history too much, irrefutable evidence, has been cited by many people as a talk, a hundred, has become the mainstream of today's network. Qin Yilong's non-response made netizens revel, talking about Qin Yilong's "new lover" after dinner, and the media played up all kinds of gimmicks and obvious headlines, creating such an image of her. Qin Yinong is low-key, in addition to works, basically do not appear in public, Tang Ruoyao today's airport pictures are fans know that she will come back from abroad in the near future, specially squatting for several days to take pictures. But her name is hung on the hot search every other day, one is because of her gorgeous and matchless face, occasionally photographed pictures, photos, even screenshots and clips of previous TV dramas and movies, can attract a large number of people licking face every minute, the whole net is crazy, Qin Yinong has a large part of fans is the standard face dog, no matter how bad the reputation is, looking at that face they can firmly Besides, they have the strength to crush! He died early in the morning. What kind of chastity archway should be erected? The second is to rub the heat, Qin Yinong is the real top flow, tied up her name hype countless, "Yan pressure" draft is the most bought, even if the female stars who dare to send Yan pressure are ridiculed into the mud by clear-eyed passers-by, but their goal has been achieved. Today, the Internet is full of articles calling Tang Ruoyao "Xiaoqin Yinong", which belongs to the second form of bundling hype. As for who is behind the manipulation, it is not clear. Anyway, it is not Tang Ruoyao's team. Qin Yinong is very busy, so busy that her feet do not touch the ground. Tang Ruoyao does not have her schedule, but it can be roughly inferred that with her work intensity, she probably has no time to keep a second lover. Think about it with a big face, even if she doesn't love herself, she cares about herself. Qin Yinong believes that the actor's educational level is very important, and his knowledge and experience are directly related to the deep understanding of the characters. So she would be assigned to perform alone, let her go to various exhibitions, broaden her horizons, write reading notes, and sometimes read them in person. Can she do that to the second person? Even if she has 48 hours a day, it's not enough. Tang Ruoyao locked Qin Yinong's eyes tightly. As soon as some secret desires are watered, they raise their heads from dormancy,inflatable floating water park, like greedy beasts, opening their green eyes in the dark. If she really has only herself, does she still have a chance to fight.