After Kou Zhong turned his head sideways to avoid a barrel flying from nowhere, Jin Zhengzong came again with a sword. Kou Zhong had no desire to continue fighting at this time, so he made a false move and jumped down to the deck in the direction of the bow. Jin Zhengzong came after him like a shadow, and the sword went straight to his vest, as if Kou Zhong had become his father's enemy. After landing, Kou Zhong rolled to the ground, all because the ship was leaning to the left, and the huge waves hit him, and his foothold was unstable. The whole ship sank to the bottom of the valley between two huge waves, and then all directions were filled with sea water. When Kou Zhong could not help but turn around, the sea water quickly retreated to all directions. Suddenly, the ship returned to the sea, and the rainstorm poured down. The feeling of being dizzy and unable to distinguish between things was hard to describe. "Bang"! Kou Zhong finally crashed into the railing. At this time, everyone is concerned about their lives, and no one has the leisure to care who is the enemy and who is the partner. In the darkness, Jin Zhengzong bounced up near the ship building and kept looking for the trace of Kou Zhong. In the roar, the mast of the broken sail was broken in the gale like a fatal wound, and it fell in the direction of Kim Jong-jong. Kou Zhong jumped up and shouted, "Be careful!" One of them turned upside down and threw himself into the roaring sea of anger, and his heart called him "take care of yourself.". Xu Ziling suddenly woke up. It is not appropriate to describe him as "awake", because he has not fallen asleep. That is indescribable, and the previous practice of "longevity formula" Qigong has a different state of mind,uns c68700, the whole body is comfortable, static and dynamic, time seems to stop moving completely. The reason why he "woke up" was that there was a rustling noise of sweeping the floor outside the Arhat Hall. Big in the heart. Who the hell is out there? If Xi Ying were the "Lord of Heaven," he would not be so kind-hearted. "If he were a monk who came back to clean, he should not ignore the debris in the hall and just sweep the fallen leaves outside the hall. Even if he is ignorant of the disaster in the Arhat Hall, sweeping the floor should start from the inner door of the hall, and he will not know how to "choose a place". All kinds of questions flashed through his clear and empty mind at the speed of lightning. Open your eyes slightly. Xu Ziling was immediately shocked that the sky had come to light. That is to say, he sat in the Hall of Arhats for a whole night,321 stainless steel sheet, but it was hard for him to believe that it was just a scene of bullets and armor. Xu Ziling slowly got up and came to the hole in the wall where Anlong had crashed the night before. He looked out and saw that the sun was rising to the top of the pagoda. In the sunshine, an old grey-robed monk was carrying him on his back and concentrating on cleaning the garden. "Good morning, Master," said Xu Ziling with a slight smile. The old monk's back suddenly straightened, and immediately became majestic and straight. There was no longer the slightest sign of old age, but he did not turn around. He was tepid and slow: "It's getting late!"! Almsgiver, don't blame Lao Xiu for disturbing you. Xu Ziling knew early that he was not an ordinary monk, and it was very likely that he was a Buddhist master who came to Xi Ying. If this was the case, it was very likely that he belonged to the rank of the "Four Holy Monks", otherwise it would be no different from death. Embarrassed, Xu Ziling said, "The boy must have hindered the Master from cleaning up the Arhat Hall. Don't blame me, Master.". Hey! Why don't I be in charge inside? The grey-clad monk turned around slowly and said cheerfully, "Almsgiver, if you have this intention, x70 line pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, it will be all right!"! "It's my duty to clean the Buddha Hall. How can it be done by someone else?" Xu Ziling fixed his eyes on it and saw that the old monk's eyebrows were white, his face was solemn and peaceful, and the bridge of his nose was at least an inch longer than that of ordinary people. His eyes were half open and half closed, and his eyes were introverted, which made him intuitively feel that the other side was a very good person. With a slight shrug of his shoulders, Xu Ziling said, "Since the master is so insistent, there will be Master Lao. I dare not disturb him any more." When he turned around and was about to leave, there was a sudden sound of "coaxing" from his ear drum. At that moment, Xu Ziling's mind was blank, and there was nothing else except this sound. What was even more strange was that the entire Governor Vessel of the spine seemed to vibrate with the sound of drinking. It was extremely useful, and it felt strange and incoherent. Xu Ziling stopped with a shock and said with a sigh, "Master, this move is really powerful. What kind of skill is it? I'm afraid it's not inferior to Zhu Yuyan's Tianmo Sound." The monk did not answer him directly, but said lightly, "This is the mantra of Buddhism, which can subdue demons and demons. The key point is the seal of the Great Vajra Wheel in my hand. Through the special note mantra, it can vibrate the corresponding Qi pulse in the body and produce an incredible effect.". ” Still without turning his head, Xu Ziling said, "What is the effect of the Master's sudden application of the mantra to the boy?" "Because the benefactor is a man of great wisdom," he replied kindly. Xu Ziling said with a calm smile, "If the master means that the boy has a predestined relationship with the Buddha, that's wrong!"! Although the boy has respect for Buddhism, he has never had the heart to start or practice. The monk said in a soft voice, "As long as you realize purity, you are practicing. There is no distinction between getting started and going out.". To be born is to be born, to enter is to go out, and the ordinary mind is the Buddha's mind. Surprised, Xu Ziling turned around and said, "What do you call the master?" "True words," said the monk. Xu Ziling was moved and said, "So you are the Master of True Words. No wonder you are proficient in the mantra of True Words. The Master's words imply Zen. Do you want to enlighten me?" Master Shingon said with a smile, "Almsgiver, not only is he not a stone, but he also has a predestined relationship with the Buddha and his words.". This morning, Lao Xiu came here early to clean up. He saw the benefactor sitting in meditation with his eyes closed between the arhats and Buddhas. His hands naturally formed all kinds of seals. Finally, it was attributed to the seal of fearlessness, which made me realize it. I haven't thanked the benefactor yet. Xu Ziling said in astonishment, "If I hadn't been told by the master, I really wouldn't have known that my hands had done these movements. What was it like to make a fearless seal?" Master Shingon sat down slowly, with a solemn look of compassion on his face, his left palm open, his palm up, and the back of his hand on his knee. Xu Ziling could not help sitting down cross-legged like him. He nodded and said, "The master is right. This is the gesture I made when I woke up. I just didn't know there was such a nice name.". Hey! Shi Wudao Yin. Master Shingon smiled and said, "Others use their handprints to trigger their hearts, but the benefactor uses his handprints to trigger his hearts. What is this if not the root of wisdom?" Xu Ziling thought that if Kou Zhong heard it, it would be terrible, and he would give him a bite that he would become a monk. "It probably has nothing to do with Huigen,x60 line pipe," he said with a wry smile. "It should be like thinking every day and dreaming every night. It's all because before I meditated, I had learned all kinds of seals of the Arhat Buddha. When I meditated, I put them out unconsciously. 。