The sound of the car sounded from a distance, the beautiful woman's eyes were stupefied, and even felt that her ears appeared auditory hallucinations, when she really heard the sound of the car getting closer and closer, she was overjoyed and stood up hurriedly, staring at the distance tightly. ………… "Eh.." This breath is really good to use. Yang Tian tilted his head, lying on the back seat, the body exudes a burst of maternal level zombie breath, on the one hand, if there is any maternal level zombie, maybe it can be drawn out! On the other hand, since the decision to rest in this town, hear the sound of this car, there are always blind zombies running out to rob the road! Later Yang Tian had to release the breath, the level of pressure is terrible, this is not, along the way no longer do not open the eyes of the zombie robbery! Have been far away to avoid … "There's a situation ahead!" Kate burst out. Uh Yang Tian sat up and looked ahead, only to see two soldiers and two zombies fighting, suddenly.. A woman ran out of a factory! While shouting, while waving his hand, quickly ran to the jeep … "Help me.." Help me! The beautiful woman shouted and ran as hard as she could. Kate opened the door, stepped out of the car and said, "You wait by the car now, and I'll save the two soldiers!" "Save?"? Save what? Save! Don't save them! Go! Let's go! The beautiful woman ran and shouted, "Don't worry about them, get in the driver's seat quickly!"! Let's go right now! Kate frowned and asked the woman running in the distance, "Aren't they your companions?" "No, how can those cheap soldiers be my companions!"! Don't pay any attention to those people. Let's go! I am the wife of Raymond of Al Qaeda in Los Angeles, and my husband is the deputy leader of the first group! You save me is the biggest task, let's go! The woman seems to be used to giving orders, in the dangerous moment of life is worrying about the sense of propriety, panting ran to the side of the jeep,gear reduction motor, unexpectedly did not feel close to the car has the breath of zombies! He put his hand on the back door and shouted anxiously. Suddenly, Kate's long fingers grabbed the beautiful woman's arm and frowned. "Don't get in the car yet. It'll scare you!"! I guarantee your safety! When I come back from rescuing the two soldiers, I'll take you to the car! Didn't you hear what I said? My husband, Raymond, is a deputy leader of al Qaeda in Los Angeles! Leave those two useless things alone! Let go of me. Let's go! I'm all that matters! Don't jeopardize my safety because of them! The beautiful woman screamed excitedly. Pow. With a hard slap in the face, the bright red five fingerprints appeared on the beautiful woman's face in an instant, only to hear Kate's cold and piercing voice: "Crazy woman, be quiet!" "You.." How dare you hit me!? The beautiful woman was hit a stagger, a buttocks sat down on the ground, was hit a little trance, then, his face appeared angry look, shouted abuse: "You this bitch dare to hit me!"! Do you know who I am? Suddenly, the back door opened and stretched out a pale hand. A zombie's face appeared in front of the beautiful woman's eyes. A gloomy sentence floated out: "Your father's surname is Lee?" Thanks to 'Ravanna' students for the reward of 100 coins. Four volumes, 081, a little girl? "Mourning.." Mourning. Zombie!? The beautiful woman screamed, Vending Machine Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, even rolled and crawled up, hid behind Kate, even just scolded Kate forgot, hurriedly shouted: "Zombie …" Come on, get them out of here, come on.. Kate picked up the woman behind her and threw her on the ground, with a trace of disgust in her eyes: "I don't have time to talk to you!" Say, no matter this woman, turn around and run to the distant battle group! Yang Tian stepped out of the car and took a sarcastic look at the beautiful woman, just between the lines of the beautiful woman's words, he could already see what kind of person this was. "You guys.." Monster The beautiful woman looked at Yang Tian to get out of the car, hands and feet, a slip of the escape, while running, while like crazy, cursing: "Monster …" Monster "Whoo.." The rune sobbed uncontrollably in his throat, got out of the car, looked at the figure of the beautiful woman running away, and quietly chased after her. Yang Tian looked back slightly, glanced at the figure of the rune out of the corner of his eye, curled his mouth, and turned his head to the distant battlefield. Suddenly, Yang Tian's body stagnated. What did he see? A little girl!? Yang Tian wiped his eyes, and with great eyesight, he was really a little girl! And it's a.. Super cute little girl!? On the street corner in the distance, a little girl about seven or eight years old, sucking the fingers of her left hand, holding a Barbie doll in her right hand, holding it in front of her chest, with a pretty short black hair, a delicate and lovely little face with no fear at all, but with her eyes wide open, looking at the battle group in the distance! What surprised Yang Tian most was that the little girl's eyes were green! Emerald green! As perfect as an emerald. Yang Tian knows that for the Western race, a small number of people do have green eyes, but most of them grow older, slowly dim down, obviously, this little girl may be a … Human beings? Although the skin is fair, but there is no morbid pallor, but, let Yang Tian some wonder is, this is a human? What's the matter You don't feel it!? Generally speaking, Yang Tian is very sensitive to human flesh and blood! Even the flesh and blood of zombies, Yang Tian is also very sensitive, but this child. And How could she not be afraid!? How to face those bloodthirsty zombies, there is no look of panic on the face? How did she get here by herself in such a chaotic world? And also. A man hiding in the street corner, staring at everything with big confused eyes? What about her family? Yang Tiancuo Leng kung fu, the little girl mercilessly scratched her hair, face appeared a touch of pain, in that lovely face, any strange uncle and aunt can not help but come forward to comfort! White little hands clinging to their hair,small geared motors, petite body constantly trembling … Puff. The Barbie doll, which was as lovely as she was, fell to the ground with a light sound.