Du Xiaoyu curled his lips. "What can't he do for the child in his mother's belly?"? Anyway, what they said and what they did, that's all between their husband and wife. Niang is not a person with a big mouth. It's impossible to tell a third person. We don't want to know. Du Xiaojun muttered: "I just want to learn two more moves to prepare, in case it's my turn later, it's better to deal with it, isn't it?" Du Xiaoyu spat at him. "You are such a crow. How can you say anything? You just showed your sincerity in front of so many people in your wife's family today. How long have you been thinking of quarreling? You say you are a big man. Can you still be a little promising?" Du Xiaojun muttered, "isn't that what you said?"? Pots and pans are still bumping into each other all day long. Couples live together. How can they not quarrel? No matter how good their feelings are, there will always be times when they disagree. I have never been in contact with a girl before. How can I understand the convoluted thoughts of my daughter's family? I'm afraid I don't know when I accidentally offend her. I want to learn how to coax my wife from my father, so that I can follow her in the future. Du Xiaoyu took one look at Du Xiaojun's suffocating appearance, and immediately some could not help laughing. "You haven't married yet, so you worry about it. If you really pass the door, you will be tired." Du Xiaojun spread out his hands, showing a very helpless expression. No way, who let him so coincidentally fall off a cliff to bring the innocence of other people's girls tired, and can not shirk responsibility, can only bite the bullet to shoulder. Du Xiaoyu coughed lightly, heart way Fu Liangxiao that bastard had better not pit four elder brothers,Calacatta Quartz Slab, otherwise if Xu three girls are a difficult to get along with, she must be endless with him! Feeling guilty, Du Xiaoyu was embarrassed to talk about Xu Ruyue again and turned to talk about something else. The two brothers and sisters sat outside for a long time before Yang personally sent Du Chengsong out. The brother and sister did not know what their parents had said, but looking at the gentle and happy smile on Yang's face, Du Xiaoyu knew that the contradiction and misunderstanding between them should be almost resolved. Father, mother. Brother and sister stood up at the same time. Du Chengsong looked at Du Xiaoyu and told him, "No matter how busy the shop outside is,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, you should pay attention to your body. Don't fall ill at a young age." "My daughter knows." Du Xiaoyu nodded, "thank you for your concern." "Let the maids in the main courtyard take good care of your mother." After the last sentence, Du Chengsong strode away. Du Xiaojun immediately followed up and asked, "Dad, what did you say to my mother just now?"? I haven't seen her so happy in a long time. Du Chengsong kicked the past, "you smelly boy, the skin is tight, right, you dare to manage the adult's affairs?" Du Xiaojun met with a rebuff and went back to his own yard. —— In the evening, Fu Liangxiao got a tip-off about the details of Du Xiaojun's going to the Xu family. When he saw the eight words "marry only one wife in his life", his eyes paused and his lips were raised. No need to think, it must be the girl's idea, Marble Projects ,white marble slabs, a lifetime of a pair of people, also thanks to her to think out, but one day in the future, he will let her know, can do these eight words, not only her fourth brother, her husband can also. Wang Ye. Yun Niang stood aside and asked, "How can we do it over there?" Fu Liangxiao put the tip-off he had just read on the top of the candle and lit it. His handsome and cold face was reflected in the light of the fire. "Don't worry. Wait a minute. The fox will show its tail one day. What's more, Xu Rumei is just a fool. Isn't it easy to deal with her?" —— Du Xiaojun was hired, and the wedding date was set. It was the sixteenth day of the winter month, just one month after Du Xiaozhen went out. Liu Shi just breathed a sigh of relief, but also busy with the Mid-Autumn Festival family reunion dinner. This day finally got free, found an excuse to go shopping to come to Du Xiaoyu's shop. As soon as Du Xiaoyu saw that it was his eldest aunt, he did not say anything after he was surprised. He asked Cui to entertain the women who had come to see him first. He stood up and said politely, "Madam, please come inside." The women who came to see the doctor did not know Liu Shi, and it was not surprising to think that they were the same as the patients who came to see the doctor today. Liu took a grateful look at Du Xiaoyu and followed her to the inner hall. Why did aunt suddenly come to me? Du Xiaoyu personally poured tea for Liu Shi, and his face under the veil showed some doubts. Five girls, your medical skill is so good, can you show it to me? Liu came straight to the point and stunned Du Xiaoyu with one sentence. Liu was afraid that she would mind, so she lowered her voice. "I came quietly, and your uncle is sitting next door. As long as he doesn't say anything, the old man and the old woman won't know that you're seeing me." Du Xiaoyu completely did not understand what medicine Liu sold in the gourd, "big aunt in the end where is uncomfortable?" "I just wanted to show you if I could still have a baby." Liu Shi was a little embarrassed, but when he thought of his eldest son who had died in vain, he threw caution to the wind. Du Xiaoyu lifted the veil to drink tea and put down the teacup. "Pregnancy depends on chance. Aunt doesn't have to force it." Liu Shi is an elderly person, older than her mother, the probability of pregnancy is naturally very small, although she once helped Xue's aunt pregnant with twins, but everything she did can only play a supporting role, to put it bluntly, give you a prescription to feel the pulse to dredge the pipeline to make the tadpole easier to pass, but who can guarantee that you will be able to conceive after taking medicine? She's not a mother-in-law. Besides, it was enough to see a doctor once for a family member. The old man could turn a blind eye, all for the sake of her cleverness. If he wanted to do it again, wouldn't the old man be angry? Du Xiaoyu didn't dare to take the risk. Five girls. Seeing her reluctance, Liu Shi went up to her to kneel down for her. Du Xiaoyu was so frightened that he reached out to hold her. "What is Auntie doing?" Liu's tears rolled and she cried, "Your cousin is gone, and your son and daughter are not left. I can't help it, so I want to find you. Five girls,White Marble Slabs, please help me for the sake of our family." Du Xiaoyu pursed her lips, not because she didn't want to help, but because she wasn't sure. forustone.com