With a livid face, Bai Yuhu looked at several senior managers of the company sitting around the conference table without saying a word, and the atmosphere in the conference room dropped to the extreme. Wu Xiaolai's hands trembled when he poured tea for him and almost overflowed. I should be responsible for this matter. He Hsiao-shen, whose face was equally ugly, spoke, and he could not expect others to speak well for him. Bai Yuhu waved his hand, "Now the most important thing is not to investigate the responsibility, but to eliminate the influence.". Embezzlement of business information of partners, that is, Hengyuan has not done such a thing in the most difficult time! The manager of the public relations department immediately took over the topic, indicating that he had fully communicated with the other party. They believe that this is only the personal behavior of employees, not our company, and because it is.. Attempted, and did not cause substantial losses, so agreed to continue to cooperate, no longer pursue, but for the employee, I hope our company can give severe punishment, and ensure that similar incidents do not occur again. Bai Yuhu's face is a little better, of course,Stone Honeycomb Panel, he also understands that although it is Hengyuan who is in the wrong, but the strength of Hengyuan Group is stronger than the other side, the other side naturally does not want to make a big deal, it is better to take the opportunity to send a favor. He nodded his head and said, "Of course, it's best if they are willing not to pursue it. We can't lose the courtesy. You tell their responsible person that they will be given priority whenever Hengyuan Group has similar cooperation needs in the future. We will never tolerate the person responsible for the incident.". For employees who attempt to steal information, they should be dismissed resolutely,Marble Granite Price, and the direct and indirect leaders should also bear the responsibility. The specific punishment measures should be drawn up by the personnel department itself and then reported to me. Bai Yuhu looked at the participants seriously and said, "The whole incident and our handling methods should be announced within the company. Don't be afraid of ugliness. We should let all employees know what can be done and what can't be done.". Even if you want to be good for the company, you must not do anything against professional ethics! When he got home in the evening, Bai Yuhu was still in a bad mood. Although the matter did not cause too much impact, but also got a smooth solution, but his heart is still a fire. As a big company, Hengyuan will inevitably have black sheep, but there has never been an incident of stealing business information from partners, not to mention that the perpetrator still thinks he is making profits for the company. If everyone makes profits for the company in this way, can Hengyuan still have a foothold? "Hum, your administrative department is really talented." Bai Yuhu, who had no place to vent, said something to Wu Xiao. I'm not in the administration department anymore. What does it matter to me? Besides, it's not called the administrative department now. It's called the personnel administration department. It's managed by Manager He. Don't pour everything on our administrative staff. Wu Xiaolai's heart is not good, White Marble Mosaic ,Pietra Gray Marble, she did not expect Chen Min really had an accident. According to Wang Yanting, in order to do a good job of employee satisfaction survey, the Personnel Administration Department chose a well-known consulting company in the industry to cooperate, and the cost is certainly not low. At a meeting to discuss the issue of cost, He Xiaoshen said that in fact, such a survey is not difficult to do, as long as the design method and statistical method of the survey plan are mastered, Hengyuan can operate by itself in the future. Wang Yanting still tells her, at that time somebody is laughing to say: "We try a way to steal their data to come over not to go." And he Xiaoshen also answered with a rare smile: "Well, if you can steal it back, I'll give you a credit." Of course, everyone just saw it as a joke. No one thought Chen Min would keep it in mind and put it into action. Unfortunately, the other side found out and protested to He Xiaoshen. He Xiaoshen did not shield Chen Min after confirmation, but reported the results to the company, which led to the scene in the conference room. If it wasn't for Manager Wu's neglect of you before, would you have the courage? "Hum, seek medical advice in a hurry.". Although Manager Wu is loose, he will never allow us to do anything against professional ethics, that is, he is not used to anything against social morality, so he will not be like others. What you mean is that Manager He would allow his subordinates to do such a thing. ” Wu Xiaolai sneered twice and said, "Of course, public instigation will not happen, but it is hard to say if it is instigated secretly." "Xiao Lai, this has involved a person's moral character, but not gossip, there is no evidence can not talk nonsense." "You want evidence, I'll give it to you." Wu Xiaolai was angry at Bai Yuhu's trust in He Xiaoshen, so she told Bai Yuhu all the rumors she had heard from Wang Yanting, but of course she did not say Wang Yanting's name. Bai Yuhu thought for a moment and asked, "Where did you hear these things?" It doesn't matter where I heard it. You can find out if it's true or not. The question is, as a department manager, as an important manager, how can he say that as long as he masters the working methods of the other party, he can do things without spending money in the future. This is clearly a secret instigation! "It's just a joke." "Are you kidding?"? How many times have you seen him laugh since you met him? How could he not think that his words would have an encouraging effect on some people? He knew that Chen Min was eager to please him. I think he did it on purpose, just like he used that secret admirer before. Bai Yuhu thought about it again and said, "What you said can only be suspicion. There is no real evidence. Besides, he did not explicitly instruct Chen Min.". As a supervisor, Chen Min should be able to distinguish what should not be done, so she is still the main responsible person, which will not change. "But we can't let Manager He go, or he will harm people in the future." Bai Yuhu looked at Wu Xiaolai with some dissatisfaction. "It's not about the person. Without substantial evidence, I can't convict Manager He of abetting.". His responsibility lies in the negligence of management. He did not shirk his responsibility, as you can see today. Don't say those words to others just now. Wu Xiaolai curled his lips with grievance, "I know,grey marble slab, I haven't said anything except you.". But what about Chen Min? Do you really want to dismiss her? "The company has rules to follow to punish her, so don't discuss these things at home." Bai Yuhu didn't want Wu Xiaolai to cross the secretary's authority. Just asking, not trying to blow the pillow wind. 。 forustone.com