This is still his wound has not yet grown well, the force dare not be too swift and violent, even so, just look at this power, if two people really face to face, like Ren Ruoxi such a delicate and weak figure, there are three are also pierced by this spear. In the face of such speed and strength, if Ren Ruoxi is really fighting with him, it is absolutely impossible to avoid, at this time the only way to crack is to cross the spear to open the spear from Qingji, but with the speed and strength of this spear, can she open as a woman? Ren Ruoxi slowly closed his spear, turned his head slightly sideways, and looked at him in a pretty way. His wonderful eyes looked at him, and his face seemed to be unwilling. There were also some little girls who were bullied. The flying apricot blossoms fell on her temples and shoulders, and she did not brush them. Qingji laughed, shook his wrist, made a beautiful gesture, then raised his arm and threw the bronze spear to Ah Qiu. What move to fight with her, should have used this force to reduce the ten benefits of the ruthless move. A timid woman like her has no choice but to go to the armchair, really against the battlefield, afraid not to be picked on the tip of my spear? But this girl is really beautiful, if there is a chance, I don't mind capturing her, in another battlefield with my'spear 'and her three hundred rounds of war,Artificial Marble Slabs, ha ha. Qingji's heart turned to unspeakable lascivious thoughts, but his face was not squinting, a reserved gentleman's appearance. He took the towel from Zaiqiu's hand, slowly wiped the sweat from his face, and then slightly swept the corners of his eyes. When he looked at the beautiful woman, he saw that the people on the high platform of the partition wall had gone to the pavilion, and the beauty had disappeared, only one day the apricot blossoms were flying.. "Tut!"! Woman, that's it,Slate Wall Panel, I can't afford to lose! Qingji thought with chagrin, "I should have let her.." [db:wangzhi] Chapter 019 travel. Novel Txt day, the hall saw that the woman had gone away, Qingji could not help but lose interest. Seeing that it was almost time, he returned to his residence, took off his armor, put on his clothes and washed his face again. The maid Bai Ni immediately handed over the willow branches soaked in water. As soon as Qingji saw this simple ancient toothbrush, he remembered his "great invention". He hurriedly asked, "Bai Ni, which craftsman in this city is skillful and makes more exquisite things?" "There are a lot of ingenious craftsmen in the city," said Bai Ni, "but I don't know what you want to make." Qingji turned out the picture he had drawn by hand and explained it to her, but he was afraid that she would make it really huge according to the picture. At that time, he had to brush his teeth for the hippo, and specifically explained the specific length and size. As soon as Bai Ni heard this, she understood and said happily, "Did the Childe come up with this?"? Everyone cleans his teeth with willow branches, Carrara Marble Slab ,Agate Stone Price, but unexpectedly he can use such a thing. That's great. The maidservant will find a craftsman to do it. Bai Ni finished holding the animal skin and ran out happily. Remembering the girl who had just fought with him, Qing Ji turned around and asked another maid named Yi Wei, "By the way, who lives in the family on the right side of Cheng Fu?" Yi Wei replied, "It's a family named Ren. It's said that they are also big businessmen. They have a lot of money. But they don't live here at ordinary times." Qing Ji oh, see from her mouth also can not ask what other news, then stopped. He steeled himself to brush his teeth with willow branches, dressed up again, and went to the front hall. At this time, Dr. Zhan and Kong Qiu had already got up, and they were doing "radio gymnastics" leisurely under the elm tree in the courtyard. Stretch movement one two three four, tuck movement one two three four, see him come, and he smiled and said hello, the two masters continued to do a few movements before stopping. What they practiced was "Daoyin", which became "Wuqinxi" after Hua Tuo's arrangement and optimization in the Han Dynasty. In the Spring and Autumn Period, this is a very common folk fitness method, which is not uncommon. When they finished practicing, the three of them talked and laughed under the tree for a while. The steward came to tell them that the meal was ready, and the three of them returned to the hall. After the meal, Doctor Zhan said to Qingji, "As far as Zhan knows, no one in the White Mansion has gone to tell the local herdsman about your son. But since I'm here, it would be impolite not to let him know. Zhan will go for a walk later.". Childe can rest in the house, if you feel stuffy, go to the neighborhood for a walk, go out to the left, to the end is the market. Qingji nodded yes, Kong Qiu asked the name of the local herdsman, unexpectedly is also an old acquaintance, can not help but be overjoyed, then go with the exhibition doctor. After they left, Qingji thought that he had not seen a city carefully since he arrived in this era, so he took several bodyguards out of Chengfu and walked slowly along the tree-lined path under the willows, enjoying the scenery of the lacquer city. All the important buildings in the lacquer city are concentrated in this area, where granaries, treasuries, and the residences of officials and officials are all built. There are many merchants in the lacquer city, and the pavilions and pavilions of the rich families and the luxurious villas in the capital are scattered all over the place, which makes the place beautiful. At the end of a long street, there were houses, markets, hotels, and shops, and the number of residents increased. Qingji saw a shop selling weapons. He walked in and saw a dazzling array of long and short weapons, but most of them were one-foot-long knives hanging on the wall. Qingji took a knife from the wall and pulled out the scabbard to see that the knife was made of iron, the blade was cold and sharp, and the scabbard was decorated with simple and beautiful patterns. In the Spring and Autumn Period, the bronze Dao of the State of Zheng, the Jin (axe) of the State of Song, the cut (knife) of the state of Lu, and the sword of Wu and Yue were among the best weapons in the world. Qingji tried the sharpness of the blade with his finger belly, and was very satisfied, so he bought the handle and put it in his arms. After walking for a while, he suddenly saw a hunter selling animal skins by the side of the road. There were several ferret skins on his stall,Agate Slabs For Sale, which were as white as snow and had excellent fur color. Qingji had already walked past, but he had an idea in his heart. After a meal at his feet, he turned back.