Suddenly, Zhang Cui's screams rang out again. The three of them were startled again. "What's the matter?" They asked the midwife. The midwife was also very puzzled, she ran in hurriedly, and then came her exclamation, "There is another one!" The three men who heard this looked at each other. Chen Fu said with a smile, "I didn't expect to add two children.". The house will be really lively in the future. Eventually, Zhang Cui gave birth to a boy and a girl, giving the Li family a big surprise. For a long time afterwards, Li Xi held his daughter in his left hand and his son in his right hand, looking like he had a son to do everything. This good news, along with Li Xi's reply, was sent to Chen Jiao, which made her happy for a long time. Yongxing Palace "Lord Yang, why doesn't Your Majesty sleep?"? It's been a few more days. The sleepy little eunuch asked Yang Deyi quietly. Shut up, you son of a bitch. What do you know? Don't talk and stand quietly. Yang proudly glared at him, looked at the little eunuch's appearance, and said, "cheer up, your majesty did not sleep, where you sleep, let you accompany, that is a gift, do you know?" Although the little eunuch is extremely tired, but after all is also into the palace for some years, know oneself just words have been presumptuous,Calacatta Nano Glass, if the Yang Changshi is a ruthless master, now, his body is afraid to have been sent to the central stables to feed the horse. Seeing the little eunuch being taught, Yang Deyi nodded secretly. He carried the cakes from the imperial kitchen and went into the hall. The bamboo slips in the hall scattered on the ground, a mess, Liu Che stood alone in the hall, through the window, watching the stars outside, was blown by the wind fluttering candlelight set off his shaking shadow. Yang Deyi walked quietly to his side and presented the supper to him,pietra gray marble, saying, "Your Majesty, it's already late.". Would you like some? "It's Yang Deyi." Liu Che did not look back, just should be such a sound. Liu Che motionless, Yang proud also dare not move, can only accompany standing aside, looking at a motionless master. Yang Deyi died because of his crime, but he was redeemed for corruption before he entered the palace as a eunuch. Liu Che was particularly valued because he was good at singing and dancing, and he was promoted from a dog supervisor to a close attendant of the emperor. Others thought that Yang Deyi must be very clever and good at figuring out the holy will to have this good luck, but only he knew that he had never understood the emperor's mind from the day he entered the palace to the present. After a sleepless night, when the sky was getting white, Yang Deyi suddenly heard Liu Che's deep laughter. He woke up from his drowsiness and immediately heard Liu Che ask, "Yang Deyi, do you know Jia Yi?" "I remember that the maidservant seemed to be a minister of the late emperor." Yang proudly carefully observed Liu Che's expression, do not know why he suddenly mentioned this person. Jia Yi? The frustrated gifted scholar who was driven to the local princes by the old ministers decades ago has long been a faded myth in the palace. In the first few years when he entered the palace, the old palace supervisor occasionally recalled the elegant demeanor of the gifted scholar to him, but now no one in the palace knows him. …… You go and arrange it. I'm going back to the palace. Liu Che as if just a casual question, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, this also don't care how Yang Deyi will answer, he turned around indifferently, went to the front of the book scattered by himself, picked up one of the volumes. Yes, yes. Yang Deyi did not dare to ask more questions and immediately stepped down to arrange it. The minister steals only the matter potential, may cry bitterly for one, may shed tears for two, may long too rest for six. This Xiongnu Kui invasion and plunder, to disrespect also, for the world, to die already also, and Han Sui to gold catkin to serve it.. Your majesty how to bear with the emperor's name for the warlord, potential is humble, and disaster is endless, long poor! De can be far, power can be far plus, and straight hundreds of miles away don't believe, can be shed tears this also "Liu Che read the book on the hand, eyes become more and more cold." Jia Yi, Jia Yi, how nice it would be if you could be born thirty years later. For a long time, Liu Che will this volume on the ground, eyes a cold. The bamboo slips thrown to the ground made a clear sound, and the three words "public security policy" on the right side of the scattered page were particularly conspicuous. Greenhouse Hall of Weiyang Palace GongSunHong is here to listen to Xuan, the news of the Huns disturbing the border has long been known to the government and the public. However, whether it is peace or war, the emperor has not yet said anything. This puzzled many courtiers who thought they already knew the emperor well. But GongSunHong is not worried, the emperor's silence is a sign of his unwillingness to follow the past practice, so he just waited quietly, waiting for him to make up his mind. Today, the emperor specially summoned him to the greenhouse hall, and he knew that the time had come. Hong Qing, I remember you are 71 this year. Liu Che one hand on the jade table, holding the cheek, asked. "Your Majesty is wise, and I am really in my seventies." Gongsun Hong's complexion is the same as when he got along with Chen Jiao and Li Xi in Xinfeng last year. The old man, who is over seventy years old, is still vigorous. Is it? If the former minister Jia Yi is still alive, is he the same age as you? Liu Che still looked down at the letters on the case. Back to Your Majesty, I am the same age as Jia Taifu. GongSunHong didn't expect Liu Che to find him here, don't mention the Huns disturbing things, but mention already dead for many years of Jia Yi, not aware of some palpitation. You're the same age, and you're both from the Confucian school. Did you cross paths when he was alive? Liu Che did not look up at GongSunHong, just looking through the letters. I am ashamed of myself. Before the death of Jia Taifu, I was still buried in the countryside. How could I make friends with Jia Taifu, who was already a famous minister at that time. Later, when he passed away in the State of Liang, I had no chance to see him. "Well, what do you think of the Public Security Policy?" Liu Che finally raised his head, and GongSunHong also finally saw the right side of the letters he put on the case, writing big three words, is the security policy. Every word is worth a thousand pieces of gold, every sentence of blood and tears,white marble mosaic, it is a good policy for my big fellow to govern the country. Gongsun Hong did not hide his idea, because selling this idea to the emperor was the purpose of his official career. Then why, ChaoCuo ChengZhi and can't do it? Chao Cuo was defeated. Hong Qing is my right-hand man. Are you going to follow his example? Liu Che finally turned his eyes to the eyes of the old man with white hair and beard.