Su Li raised a shallow smile on her lips, with a trace of bitterness, or relief. She stood up, took the garbage basket beside her, picked up the fragments of the perfume bottle one by one and threw them in. The debris was picked up and the floor was wiped clean. But the fragrance in the air seemed to be stronger. Su Li thought for a moment, then went aside and opened the window of the room to let in the cool night wind outside. Then she picked up Baotou and left the room without returning. I'm already late anyway, and I don't care if I'm a little late. And Li's side should have an explanation anyway. So Su Li and Yan Ran came directly to'Charm Color 'by car. Looking at the scene of debauchery in front of him, Su Li pressed the hat on his head and went in with Yan Ran. In the private room. Shang Ruan had already pushed aside a girl beside Huang Jinhuang and sat down by herself. Glancing at Tang Jinglin, who had drunk one glass after another, she asked Huang Jinhuang doubtfully, "What's wrong with him?" In her impression, she had never seen Tang Jinglin drink like this, decadent with a little. Lonely. Don't worry about him. Huang Jinhuang said that he looked at Shang Ruan with a headache. "Why did you come here? Didn't I tell you?"? Stop pestering me. Looking at the man's unfeeling eyebrows and eyes, Shang Ruan ignored the dull pain in his heart, smiled and said, "I'm a bitch." She said she was reaching out to pour wine and was blocked by Huang Jinhuang. "I'll call your father and ask him to send someone to pick you up." Said he wanted to take out his cell phone, but was seized by Shang Ruan, "Huang Jinhuang, who do you think you are?"! It's ridiculous of you to want to drive me away and take care of me. "Shang Ruan." Huang Jinhuang frowned at her, showing impatience on his handsome face. Just then, the door of the private room was opened again, and everyone thought it was the bartender, so they didn't pay attention. Su Li was looking for the private room number given by Shang Ruan, because no one answered the door, he pushed the door directly and came in, and at a glance he saw Tang Jinglin on the sofa. The man's tall body sat in the sofa, and the expression on his face could not be seen clearly in the dim light. One of his hands was stretched out on the back of the sofa, and small and shy women were leaning in his arms to serve her wine. At first glance, it gives people a kind of inexplicable and dazzling harmony. Su Li was stunned at first, then stepped over. Tang Jinglin, Grandma asked me to take you back. Looking at the man in front of her, there was no superfluous expression on her delicate face, and her voice was very light. It was Yan Ran, who followed her in, who looked at Xiao Qi in Tang Jinglin's arms and stood staring in surprise as if he had seen a ghost, not daring to move. The man sitting on the sofa did not move, as if he had not seen Su Li coming and had not heard her. Still with one hand around Xiao Qi, the other hand took the wine she handed over and drank it up again. Looking at his indifferent appearance, Su Li frowned, stepped forward, and reached out to grab the wine cup in his hand. But the hand just reached into the air, the next moment, was pulled by a huge force, her whole person lost gravity directly into the arms of Tang Jinglin. Ah Yan Ran gave an exclamation. Xiao Qi, who had been held in Tang Jinglin's arms, smart interactive whiteboard , had already stood up. The tip of her nose hit the man's hard chest, and Su Li felt that her nose bone was about to break. Before she could breathe out in pain, the next moment, she felt a tingling and itchy warmth coming to her skin. The man's head was buried deep in Su Li's neck, his hot breath with a strong fragrance of wine, and his unique male breath. Su Li felt his body stiff in an instant, and a feeling of numbness spread down the skin of his neck to his whole body, paralyzing her blood vessels and making him unable to move. Huang Jinhuang on one side looked over as early as Su Li made a sound, only to see him staring at this scene, forgetting to react. But Shang Ruan was the first to react, and the corners of his mouth slowly rose. Tang Jinglin, let me go. Su Li was hugged by his arms in his arms, unable to move, and wanted to stretch out her hands to push him, but in a panic, her hands did not know where to hold them, provoking a muffled hum from the man under her. And her words fell, the man not only did not release her, but more and more tightly. Su Li was strangled by the man's imprisoned arm almost out of breath, the next moment, she was thrown in the man's arms, because her legs were weak and fart directly. Strand sat on his lap. 。 The moment the woman's soft touch touched the strong muscles of the man's legs, through the thin cloth, their hearts trembled at the same time. In the dim light, Tang Jinglin raised his head from Su Li's neck. He slowly opened his eyes, handsome face and Su Li's only a few inches apart, looking at the panicked little face in front of him, his dark eyes seemed to be stained with ink, deep and dark. Suddenly there was a flash of something in his mind, the man's nose moved, suddenly bowed his head, and kissed the woman's red lips. How can they compare with you, Mrs. Tang? How can they compare with you? Mrs. Tang, with the strong smell of wine, instantly attacked all the senses of Su Li. Before she could react, the tip of the man's tongue had pried open her teeth and directly attacked her mouth. A burst of wanton sweeping did not spare any inch. This sudden kiss with irresistible strength and a kind of inexplicable catharsis, Su Li only felt that his breath was being robbed by men bit by bit. In a trance, her brain flashed a trace of Pure Brightness, busy reflexive hand to push him away, but only a movement, the man on the back of her head on the palm of the force suddenly increased, at the same time the back of the hand also slipped to her waist, a force, Su Li only felt his body a whirl, the next moment, she was actually Tang Jinglin to press on the sofa under her body. "Oh!" Their bodies clung tightly to each other, and the man deepened the kiss with strong wine fragrance again. His hot breath was hot, and the tip of his tongue chased her spirit tongue and entangled her fiercely. Between the lips and teeth honeydew, the man's eyebrows suddenly mercilessly wrinkled, and a sweet smell spread in his mouth. Almost at the same time, a clear sound of "Pa" sounded, which was particularly clear in the silent box.