Hong'er, you did a good job a few days ago. You constantly weakened the power of the old courtiers, and then removed the position of Lang Yuefeng. That's a good way. Although Yueqing Heming knows that you are dealing with him, there is no excuse. You have to take this opportunity to continue to attack his power, and Ai Jia and he carefully deal with, hey, slowly, his wings will disappear, at that time, even if he Yueqing River has great ability, also can not.. "Mother, the child understands!" Wei Hong nodded repeatedly, his face also showing a look of relief. Zhang Min sat beside him with a smile. "But, Honger, what you have to do now is to have a good rest.". Ai Jia has arranged Piaoxue to guard you. You must not act rashly again. Otherwise, it will inevitably cause the cold Qi of the nine Yin veins in your body. At that time, no one can help you. Even if you have great ambition, you will fall short of success! "The child understands!" Wei Hong nodded with a smile. Zhang Min's face was full of kindness, watching Wei Hong lie down and close her eyes, she could not help but breathe a sigh of relief again. Waiting for Wei Hong to fall asleep with a long breath, she also slowly walked out of the Ganning Palace. Without the slightest burden in his heart,smart whiteboard price, Wei Hong woke up, the sky was already dark, and the light in the Ganning Palace was very dim. Wei Hong sat up and was about to get out of bed when a soft voice suddenly sounded softly in Wei Hong's ear, "Your Majesty, the queen mother has a decree not to let you get out of bed!" With the tranquil voice, Piaoxue came forward with a smile and a cup of ginseng tea in her hand. "You girl, you're in charge of me, too!" Seeing Piaoxue,touch screen kiosk, Wei Hong couldn't help laughing. There was no heavy feeling in his heart. He looked at Piaoxue. "With the queen mother's decree, he dared to control my actions. Be careful of my imperial edict and teach you a good lesson!" "Your Majesty, you make fun of the snow!" Piaoxue couldn't help chuckling, "You're not willing to take Piaoxue!" Wei Hong felt very happy and gave out a burst of hearty laughter. "What time is it?" Laughing for a while, Wei Hong asked in a deep voice. Piaoxue smiled. "Now?"? Just after Youshi! "Ah, how many hours have I slept?"? All right, get ready, look at those memorials, and prepare for the morning tomorrow! Wei Hong stretched himself and said with a smile. Unexpectedly, Piaoxue laughed, "Your Majesty, you have been sleeping for a day!"! From yesterday to now, you have slept for more than ten hours. The queen mother presided over the court for you this morning, and there was no memorial in the court. The queen mother said that you should not think about anything now, face detection android ,temperature screening kiosk, have a good rest, and take good care of your body is the right thing to do! Wei Hong was taken aback. He looked at Piaoxue and laughed unconsciously. "I didn't expect that I had slept for such a long time!"! Alas, since I ascended the throne, I'm afraid this is the only sleep that is the most peaceful. Said, he could not help sighing, "but also really let the mother work harder!" Piaoxue did not answer. She just stood there quietly. After a long time, she suddenly said, "Your Majesty, would you like something to eat?" Wei Hong nodded and said with a smile, "I feel a little hungry when you say that. Piaoxue, you let the imperial kitchen cook something to eat. I want to eat something light so that they don't bother too much." Piaoxue laughed again. She turned and went outside the hall. She whispered to the eunuch on duty outside the hall. The eunuch turned and left. Not long after, he came to Piaoxue with a tray in his hand. Piaoxue took the tray from his hand, then turned around and walked into the Ganning Palace again. Smiling, she came to Wei Hong and put the tray on the small table on Wei Hong's couch. She said softly, "Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager will feel hungry when she knows you wake up. She has been stewing this bird's nest porridge since last night. It has been stewed for more than twelve hours. Now it is the time!" Wei Hong looked at the tray is still steaming, emitting bursts of fragrance of bird's nest porridge, as well as a few refined side dishes, I do not know why, the corner of the eye suddenly some moist. "I'm really incompetent. When I ascend the throne, I have to worry about my mother so much. When I think of it.." As he spoke, he shed tears unconsciously. With a slight smile, Piaoxue said in a low voice, "Your Majesty, this is made for you by the Empress Dowager herself. You'd better drink it quickly, or it won't be good if it gets cold." Wei Hong nodded, picked up the bowl of steaming bird's nest porridge, and drank it in a big gulp. Piaoxue stood aside with a comfortable smile on her face. "Miss Piaoxue, the queen mother asks you to take the emperor's seal, the queen mother needs to use it!" While Piaoxue was waiting for Wei Hong to eat, a eunuch hurried into the hall, came to Piaoxue, and said respectfully. "Oh, I know!" Piaoxue nodded slightly, "you go back and tell the queen mother, I'll be right there!" With that, she turned to look at Wei Hong, who was sitting on the couch eating with relish. Wei Hong smiled and took out a jade box from under his pillow and handed it to Piaoxue. "Take it, Piaoxue, you are becoming more and more like a little housekeeper now!"! Alas, in the future, brother Heng seems to be. Said, Wei Hong looked rather eerily winked at Piaoxue. "Your Majesty!" Piaoxue blushed and gave a reproachful cry. "Well, well, hurry up and don't let your mother wait too long!" Wei Hong smiled and waved to Piaoxue to leave quickly. Piaoxue nodded. She took the jade box from Wei Hong's hand and turned to walk outside the hall. Walking to the door of the hall, she suddenly felt a vague palpitation in her heart, and could not help turning her head to look at Wei Hong,interactive kiosk price, who was eating. Wei Hong smiled kindly at her again and waved to her to leave. I can't tell what's wrong, but Piaoxue always feels a little worried. She whispered to the eunuch on duty outside the door, and then flashed toward the Cining Palace. …… 。 hsdtouch.com