Xuanlie lowered his eyes and hooked his lips, and the scar on his face was like a ferocious mouth, which made people afraid. Very well, so be it. …… And that Xu father-in-law never thought, this barbarian general northwest king, dare to treat him like this, only sent a gatekeeper young man to kick himself out of the door. He was so angry that he wanted to scold the young man severely, but the door of the Northwest Palace was closed in front of him, almost without knocking off his nose. Father in law Shall we still call the door? The little bodyguard Baba, who did not know the look of his eyes, came up and looked at the northwest palace in front of him, and his eyes were filled with a trace of envy. Grandfather Xu shouted at the top of his voice, "What's your name?"! I didn't see the Northwest King. I didn't want to see the emperor at all! He frowned at the northwest palace, thinking that if he lost his head here, perhaps the emperor would not give him any justice, a slave's life, not worth the local emperor and the northwest king break. Besides, even if they can break up, they can't bear to part with the splendor and wealth of this world! Grandfather Xu thought so, not by grievance,digital whiteboard price, pinching the orchid finger to complain in front of the emperor. The little bodyguard was beaten by him, then hung his head and followed him, and there was nothing to say. When the emperor heard this, Longyan was furious. He threw something and hit his lucky imperial seal. Suddenly he calmed down a little. He opened his mouth and called out, "Somebody, go and invite the empress!" At this time, he seemed to have only one queen to rely on,Interactive digital signage, and the whole West Wei seemed to be full of malice. Unable to calm down, he began to walk in circles in the Hall of Qian and Kun. The circles he walked seemed to have made a cocoon for himself, wrapping himself up layer by layer and unable to break free. When Grandfather Xu arrived at the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity, the empress was watering the flowers. She looked in good spirits. If she ignored the noble woman kneeling outside the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity, she would look more leisurely and carefree. He hung his head and decided not to say much. Since the noble was kneeling there, for the queen, there was a reason for her to kneel, and he had no right to open his mouth. Empress, the emperor. Before he said the word "please" in his mouth, he saw Qingxia beside the queen stretch out her index finger and press her lips, then waved her hand and asked him not to say much. Grandfather Xu put half a sentence directly to hold back, hunched behind the queen and waited quietly, only as if he was a wooden man, otherwise what can he do, facial recognition thermometer ,facial recognization camera, the emperor and queen, he can not afford to provoke. The queen watered the flowers very leisurely and carefree. The three flowers were watered for about a quarter of an hour. Grandfather Xu looked at the huge pot in her hand with some concern. He only thought that the queen had watered a few pots of water at this moment, but he could not count them. Watching the queen slowly straighten up, Grandfather Xu breathed a sigh of relief behind his back. He looked carefully at the place and saw that there were two hibiscus trees and one peony tree. The hibiscus was blooming and the peony corolla was huge. Look, how are the flowers blooming in this part of the palace? Hearing the empress suddenly open her mouth, Grandfather Xu looked at her carefully. With a smile on his face, he said, "The flowers raised by the empress are naturally the only ones in the west. Look at the peony blossoms. They are really beautiful. Tut, the hibiscus is also very beautiful." The empress suddenly covered her lips with a smile. Her eyes lightly swept over Grandfather Xu. "You're a eunuch," she said. "You know nothing about beauty.." Grandfather Xu shut his mouth and did not speak, but the smile on his face was a little unbearable. Although he was not humane, no one stipulated that he could not see or reward him. If the man in front of him was any concubine in the Xiwei Palace, he could fight back directly. But at this time, he can only suppress a belly of anger, just because she is the queen. Concubine Cough, Hibiscus. Qingxia suddenly whispered to one side, and the queen glanced out as if remembering something. "Well, bring in the noble Fu. I was too absorbed in watering the flowers just now." The woman at the door was already kneeling down, but she could not help clenching her teeth and slowly entering the temple to thank her. The empress raised her lips and looked at her. "Look at these slaves," she said. "I didn't tell you that you were already outside the palace. The hot weather made you sweat all over." Listening to her words, Qingxia apologized and cooperated intimately. Fu Guiren only said, "The empress wants to assist the harem. Naturally, she is not as leisurely as my concubine. Naturally, my concubine knows about it. My concubine often advises the emperor to come here to accompany the empress. But the emperor.." "" Her face was somewhat proud, as if she had broken back to a city by herself, but she did not see the disdain in Qingxia's eyes and the pity in Grandfather Xu's eyes. It is your duty to serve the emperor well. You must use more thoughts in the future. Well, the lotus blossoms are just right. I will reward you today. By the way, what are you doing here today? The empress dismissed Fu Guiren with a few words and turned to ask about Grandfather Xu. When Grandfather Xu was finally able to speak, he took a breath and said, "Empress, please welcome the emperor." He glanced at the lady, only to see her face instantly pale, can not help but feel pity in his heart, and then look at the huge hibiscus, so he may not be able to take back the two plants steadily, tsk, really pitiful. The empress breathed a sigh of relief and then said, "The palace knows. Go back. The palace will arrive later." Only then did Grandfather Xu answer and hurriedly retreat. Although the Kunning Palace was full of flowers, he stayed depressed. Looking back, I saw that Fu Guiren was also crying. With the help of the maid, she moved out two beautiful hibiscus plants. Although the hibiscus was very beautiful, it was dripping down all the time. Fu Guiren was wearing a yellow skirt today. After only a few steps, she could not see it. Even Grandfather Xu looked at it and felt pitiful. Then, when Grandfather Xu mentioned the matter of the queen, he said something about the noble woman by the way. The emperor,face recognition identification, however, was only concerned about when the empress would be able to come. He only mentioned the matter of Fu Guiren lightly: "You will pass on a decree later, so that she can stay in her own palace more often. Don't come out if you have nothing to do. It will make people upset." It was like a death sentence for a concubine in a harem. hsdtouch.com