Ye Zijing had already made up her mind that if she could not convince Su Afu, she would forcibly start the car and make a final effort. So he put away his smiling face and said sternly, "Su Afu, if I dare to come here to see you today, I am ready to go to hell. As the attorney general, if I don't go to hell, who will?!"! However, I hope we can all die to understand: now, you have to tell me, how many corrupt officials in Nagayama City have accepted bribes from you and the rich? Is there Zhou Xiuli, the director of the city management committee? How on earth was that illegal facade house built? Who is backing you up when you dare to operate without a license? How many inside stories are there? We must be responsible for history, for legal facts, and let those who should bear the responsibility bear the responsibility! Su Afu was shocked by Ye Zijing's majestic questioning, and for a long time he did not make a sound, and his hand holding the gun trembled. Ye Zijing relaxed her tone and said kindly, "Su Afu, it is said that you are a man of brotherly loyalty. I should say that I am loyal enough today, right?"? Knowing that you are carrying explosives, but you want to see me, I still get up in the middle of the night to see you, I hope you can also say some loyalty to me, the female attorney general, say what should be said,digital signage kiosk, do not take it to hell! Secretary Tian of the Political and Legal Committee is in the opposite alley. You can say it directly to Secretary Tian on the phone! Only then did Su Afu say, "Ye Jian, I'm convinced. To tell you the truth, I'm ***ing convinced!"! Today I let you come, not want to harm you, just want to report, report a bunch of tortoise bastards! I don't trust the people of the Public Security Bureau, including their director Jiang Zhengliu! I've written the report materials. It's in the bag in the back seat. You can take it away now! Ye Zijing tried to figure out Su Afu's state of mind and said tentatively, "What will you do after I take away these materials?" "You go,digital signage screen," said Su Afu. "Leave me alone. I'm going to die. I'm going to die here." Ye Zijing said persuasively, "Su Afu, why must you die here?"? Isn't your sin deep enough? Not to mention conscience, not even a little humanity? So many families have been separated. Su Afu did not want to listen: "Ye Jian, will you go?"? Once I regret it, you can't go away! Ye Zijing still refused to give up her efforts: "Su Afu, you really can't die now!"! You haven't fulfilled your responsibility yet. We have to verify your report materials one by one. We have to ask you a lot of questions. If you die today, these tortoise bastards you said will default, and they may not get the legal punishment they deserve. Now that you have reported it, are you willing to see this happen? Besides, you should go and see your son. You haven't seen Su Dongdi today, have you? Su Afu was obviously moved and was silent for a long time. Ye Zijing became more and more sincere: "Su Afu, if you are willing, I will call Director Wu now and ask them not to stop us. We will drive to see your son Su Dongdi now. What do you think?" After another long silence, Su Afu finally nodded: "All right, Ye Jian, temperature check kiosk ,thermal imaging camera, you call!" Thirty-eight At 4:08 a.m., the dangerous confrontation at the central gas station on Zhongshan West Road ended. Ye Zijing drove a taxi full of oil, left the gas station safely, and galloped all the way to the rich garden in the eastern part of the city where Su Afu's family was located. However, the crisis has not passed, and another round of intense encirclement, pursuit and interception has begun. As soon as Ye Zijing drove up Zhongshan Road, she noticed that there were police cars in front of her car, police cars behind her, police cars parked at major intersections, and armed police with live ammunition. According to Wu Chengyi afterwards, Secretary Tian of the Political and Legal Committee reported to Tang Chaoyang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. When Tang Chaoyang arrived at the scene, her car had just come out of the gas station. Tang Chaoyang surprised out of a cold sweat, repeatedly said, to give Ye Zijing record merit, record great merit! Later, Tang Chaoyang, on behalf of the municipal party committee, issued a death order: The car must not be allowed to enter any gas station again, and must not be allowed to explode in front of densely populated areas and important buildings in the city. Therefore, Wu Chengyi and Jiang Zhengliu discussed the plan, which was to force the car to the empty ring road, in case of an explosion, to minimize the damage and impact. However, the destination they were going to was the Fuhao Garden in the east of the city. It was a real estate project that Su Afu participated in three years ago. It was a 16-story building with more than 200 families living in it. It is a typical densely populated area. Moreover, she promised Su Afu to meet her son there. Ye Zijing had to keep her promise, so she fought hard on the phone and asked Wu Chengyi to order the armed police and police cars along the way not to stop her and make way for her dangerous taxi. Embarrassed, Wu Chengyi said on the phone:.. Ye Jian, I'm afraid it won't work. Secretary Tang has issued a death order. This car is not allowed to approach densely populated areas. If the car explodes in the rich garden, the casualties will be too great! Ye Zijing is on fire: "I'm still in the car. Su Afu's family also lives in the rich garden. Besides, Su Afu is not crazy enough. What you said doesn't exist. Please make way and give me a chance!" Wu Chengyi firmly refused: "Ye Jian, I really have no way now, the municipal party committee's order must be carried out!" After putting down the mobile phone, Ye Zijing felt a chill in her heart, and for a moment, tears almost burst out of her eyes. Su Afu immediately sighed with emotion: "See?"? At a time like this, they don't even care about your life! Ye Zijing is very calm, looking at the road ahead, driving carefully: "This is understandable, my life is just a life, this car really exploded in a densely populated place, then I do not know how many people's lives!" Su Afu shook his head: "Ye Jian, but each of us has only one life!" Ye Zijing sighed: "Yes, yes, therefore, a person must live meaningfully and die valuably!"! Su Afu, I don't believe that you will really die with me today, but even if you do so, I will not regret it, I think my death is still some value,outdoor digital signage displays, at least did not let you blow up the gas station on Zhongshan West Road, did not come back to "August 13" again! When I die, people will say that this female attorney general has done her best and done everything she should do! 。