Su Su's disease, with the level of contemporary science and technology, is impossible to cure. But this is not a problem at all in the stars. At present, there is no corresponding treatment for Jendvall's syndrome in the stars. But this is not because of the backward level of Starcraft technology, but because of the small number of patients with Jendwal syndrome, the low value of research, the low financial support and the low return. Without financial support, naturally no one will form a team to study this disease. But if someone invests trillions of yuan in support, it will no longer be impossible to cure the disease. The only problem is time. Lu Jing made a gesture. A robot suddenly appeared out of thin air in the room. Did you get in touch? Lu Jing didn't look back. We have contacted Professor Yang of Saxing. With our financial support, he has formed a team and started research on Jendvall's syndrome. As far as the last two reports are concerned, Professor Yang's research progress is very fast. Professor Yang left you a message saying that things were going much better than expected. Robot Road. Lu Jing raised his eyes, "be quick." "In accordance with your instructions." The robot looked respectful. Lu Jing waved his hand and the robot disappeared into thin air. Even the white tiger, who was separated by a door, did not notice what was happening in the room. Chapter 84. [System] Sweetie: Dear,temperature scanning kiosks, the system has detected that you have encountered major difficulties in your recent task. Do you need help from the system? As soon as Su Su closed the door, he received a prompt from the system. [System] Su Su: What help? [System] Britney: Dear, the system has detected that you have been investing in unpopular movies recently. The system recommends to you a movie that absolutely loses a lot of money. You can learn about it. Su Su's expression moved. She looked up at the system page. "Thank you, Sweets." [System] Britney Spears: This is what Britney Spears should do. Dear Su Su, please come on. Su Su chuckled. She immediately called Zeng Shuwen. Su Dong,interactive whiteboard prices, what can I do for you? Su Su looked at the system page, "Zeng Ge, help me check a movie, or a script, the name is" no return ". "Good." Not long after the phone hung up, Zeng Shuwen called in again. Su Dong, we have found out. The director is looking for investment with the script. Do you want to invest? "Don't worry," Su Su smiled, "you go to contact with the director first, and report to me what you know, face recognition identification kiosk ,information kiosk price, and I'll see." "Good." Zeng Shuwen nodded. Su Su was about to hang up the phone when Zeng Shuwen added, "Su Dong, although I don't know whether to say it or not, isn't the name of this movie a little unlucky?" Su Su smiled slightly. More than bad luck, the name of the film completely predicts its box office trend-losing all its money. Brother Zeng, you have to believe me. "I worry too much." "Zeng Ge," Su Su suddenly remembered something, "when facing the director, you can be a little more enthusiastic." "Why is that?" Su Su is meaningful. It reflects the importance of our crisp sugar entertainment to movies. …… A famous film and television forum. [Newspaper! Crispy Candy Entertainment has recently been in contact with a new movie and is interested in investing! The post was quickly jacked up. The main building of the forum points out the name of the movie. Lost all my money? I don't mean to be superstitious, but does this movie portend anything? "Is the landlord really not a loan?"? I remember that this script has been pressed for a long time, and I can't find an investor at all, and I haven't started it yet. This is because I can't find anyone to expose the fake material. By the way, drag the crisp candy entertainment into the water. My God, it's true. I've heard from friends in the industry. Crisp Sugar Entertainment does have the intention to invest, and it is designated by Su Su himself. This is not the same as "the king does not see the king". The industry predicts that "the king does not see the king" will lose money because of too much intervention in crisp sugar entertainment and too many big names. There are many people and many things. But "No Return" is similar to "Science and Technology Tree", "Potential" and other movies, in which Crisp Sugar Entertainment plays the role of a simple investor, which may be limited, but definitely not as much as "King does not see King". In other words, you know. "I say for upstairs, crisp candy entertainment, will explode undoubtedly.". And it's definitely a good movie! There's really no need to be so superstitious about names. The most important thing is the team behind the scenes. "Look forward to it." …… The news in the forum is still lagging behind. As soon as Crisp Sugar Entertainment sent someone to contact "No Return", director Qin Fan sent a circle of friends. Qin Fan: Pie in the sky! Crispy Candy Entertainment is going to invest in my movie! And it was appointed by Su Dong himself! I waited for two years and finally got a talent scout who can appreciate me! Exultation! (Two candid photos are attached).] The words are full of pride and elation. The director's circle is so small that Qin Fan himself immediately attracted the attention of a large number of people in the industry. Among them, Keen entertainment and guinea pig entertainment are the most prominent. Guinea pig entertainment not only has financial problems, but also has a gradual decline in word of mouth recently. They urgently need to launch a word-of-mouth film to return blood. Crispy candy entertainment is not good at other things, and the vision of choosing the script is first-class. At that moment, Guinea Pig Entertainment immediately sent someone to contact Qin Fan. Although Keen Entertainment has not made much noise in the entertainment industry in recent months, the size of the company is there, and there are so many dramas. Even if this camel is thin and dead, it is much bigger than the two horses of Crisp Candy Entertainment and Guinea Pig Entertainment. But who doesn't want a bargain for nothing. After knowing the trend of crisp candy entertainment, they immediately followed up and wanted to get a piece of the cake. Su Su soon learned about it. Su Dong, "Ceng Shuwen calls Su Su to report,touch screen digital signage," we contacted Qin Fan before, obviously already almost talked about, only to sign the contract. But Qin Fan's attitude has been much more arrogant recently. Su Su took a small watering can and watered the flowers and plants on the balcony of the study. What's the matter? She said carelessly.