Because I went there three times for three days, I was not allowed to leave, so I had to bring my own food. Meng Xi made three fresh steamed buns and cakes for him, which were not full of water, so as to reduce the trouble. When Meng Shen was in the room, he smelled the fragrance and felt warm in his heart. He is right to bring Meng Xi out this time, although there is selfishness, but she will make him feel stable, and will have great expectations and confidence in the future. He buried himself in a book that he had already memorized. By the time he came out in the evening, Meng Xi had already filled the meal. In the small kitchen, there were three dishes and one soup on a table of Eight Immortals, and he saw the mackerel at first sight. The mackerel of this season still does not calculate on fat beauty, but also barely OK, Meng Shen sits down to ask: "How can you buy mackerel?" "Because I happened to meet someone peddling in the market. I didn't see it in Xianyou Building before. I asked Elder Martial Brother to know that the fish was not delicious at that time.." Meng Xi sat opposite him. "Besides, you can't come out when you go to Gongyuan tomorrow. It's suitable to eat something light." Is that the only reason? Meng Shen said, "I remember when I taught you the word, you said you would cook it for me. Today, you did what you said." She did remember, but she didn't think Meng Shen had forgotten at all. He is really greedy! "How about a taste?" The mackerel is whole. This kind of fish is very special. You don't need to cut the scales. You just need to cut it open and wash it. But before steaming, she used yellow wine to marinate it to remove the fishy smell, and then served it with ham and fresh bamboo shoots to add flavor. Steaming time is the most critical, less than one point is not cooked,artificial grass panels, more than one point is old. For the first time, fortunately, Ye Feiqing sent her a very accurate calculation in her experience. Like this mackerel, which weighs eight taels, it is time to steam half a cup of tea and add half a cup of tea on the stove. Meng Shen extended his chopsticks to the silver whitebait. As soon as he poked the fish, he found that the scales had become gelatinous, like congealed fat. He put the scales and fish into his mouth, and felt that the two different tastes were dancing on the tip of his tongue. If you have to describe it,fake ficus tree, it is a kind of delicious combination of thick and tender. Some of the flavor of ham also seeps into it, replacing the saltiness of salt. Finished eating, and then a chopstick of bamboo shoots, the feeling of spring came, crisp and fresh, lingering between the lips for a long time. In the past, it was not a good memory to think of the fish and think of his stepgrandmother who murdered him, but today it is different. Meng Shen turned up the corners of his mouth: "I will remember it all my life." Meng Xi is stupefied: "Why to say so suddenly?" It's not the first time she's cooked for him. Why did she say such a heavy thing? It's nothing. I just think it's been a hard time for you. Meng Shen looked at her, "with feelings." "You don't need to thank me," said Meng Xi. "Just do your best." This is what she cares about most. Meng Xi smiled. "Good." On the second day, Meng Xi wrapped the cakes for him and sent them to Gongyuan. The entrance was very crowded, and there were many students from all over the world. Meng Xi wondered if his brother could compare with them and not fail again? There are a lot of competitors. Brother, you are sure to pass the exam! She encouraged him. Clear eyes, warm smile, even if she did not say a word, faux ficus tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, standing in front of him is the greatest inspiration. Meng Shen raised his hand and rubbed her bun: "When I'm not at home, remember to lock the door at night and be careful." Out of the blue, Meng Xi was stunned and was about to return to him when he turned around and went in. Meng Xi looked at his back before he came over. He was worried about the danger of her living alone. But here is Kyoto, there are houses on both sides of what can happen, he is too cautious, but in the end is concerned about her, Meng Xi mouth curved. Then she went to the market to buy some vegetables, and when she got home, she locked the door. Not Xianyou floor has everything, just sauce, here is not, Mengxi began to try to make their own eight-treasure sauce. She was envious of master s creative ability to create her own flavor with all kinds of seasonings. I hope one day, she can do the same. Because the process of making sauce is more complicated, it will be dark unconsciously. She raised her head and looked at her brother's room subconsciously, but he was not there. She went to the kitchen to give herself a bowl of chicken soup noodles, a person to eat is not good, do too much completely can not eat, can only be simple. When she drank the soup, she thought, I don't know how my brother did in the exam, and I heard that it was uncomfortable to sleep there. I hope it doesn't affect his performance. At this time, of course, no longer the exam, Meng deep chewing snacks, look around the students eat, the heart can not help but proud, Meng Xi no matter what is delicious, such a comparison, he is much happier than those people. At this time, the examiner came to inspect, consoled the students and encouraged them. When he reached Meng Shen, he stood up and saluted, only to hear an examiner say, "I heard that Meng was admitted to Xiucai at the same age as you, Lord Zhang." Meng Shen raised his head and found that Lord Zhang was his uncle Zhang Yun, and almost lost his temper for a moment. In his previous life, because the Meng family had no money for him to study, he vaguely remembered something. This time, he did not come to the examination. He did not expect that his uncle would be one of the three deputy examiners. Is it? ' Zhang Yun was on the other side of the supervisor in the daytime, but he didn't meet Meng Shen. When he saw him, he suddenly felt familiar with him. He was stunned. After a while, he laughed and said, "That's really predestined, but the younger generation is awesome. It must be better than the blue." The words showed a faint affection, and the other examiners all showed a meaningful smile. Because there has always been a special relationship between the examiner and the student, if the examiner expresses this kind of meaning, as long as the student is not honest, he will be his student when he passes the exam,artificial coconut palm trees, which is equivalent to finding a backer. Meng Shen hurriedly saluted again: "Students are frightened. How can they be mentioned in the same breath with adults?" Zhang Yun smiled and said, "Don't be frightened. Have a good rest after eating. I will continue to take the exam tomorrow. Read the questions carefully." "Yes, thank you for reminding me." Meng Shen answered. Zhang Yun walked over.