The Lenovo Y 560 has a display of 15.6 inch and it has backlit display that is HD LED in form. It also uses 6-cell battery. The other specification of this Lenovo Y 560 device includes 1GB graphics card with Blu Ray Disc drive. To connect itself to enovo ideapad l340-15 devices, it makes use of HDMI output. The notebook makes use of 8GB DDR3 RAM. They also offer you an additional storage space and that is n the form of 750GB HDD. It also gives you flexibility of WiFi802.11 along with Bluetooth connection.

The Lenovo Ideapad Y460 has great design and it is redesigned from its earlier models. One difference from the previous one is that the recent one has large chromed hinges. This can be said to be very good for consumers because it has durable plastic panels and strong hinges on screen. You get good freedom from scratching on its screen. On the bottom of the laptop, you can see many cooling effects that help in flowing good air when the system is fully loaded. Lenovo Ideapad Y460 has 14 inch panel and it has higher end graphic option. It has good teamed up audio system with JBL and Lenovo teamed up together.