Tesla motors has very recently joined the car manufacturer market but have established a name for themselves in the relatively shorter time which requires decades work by other companies. Huge 2022 tesla model y sales in the recent years have shown that if a company works dedicatedly with honesty and keeping customers in mind there is no reason why they cannot succeed even in the presence of giant market forces in existence currently. However you have to offer something unique that has never been touched by the existing key market players.

Tesla motors have the distinction of offering e-cars or electric cars. The concept of electric vehicle is not new, and it goes back to 1882 when Nikola Tesla first proposed the electric car design. However the real achievement of Tesla is to make such vehicle practical for common use. The high end Tesla cars are so efficient with speed, stamina and power that they are competing with the very best in business sport cars these days. The electric factor does not come as handicap in the luxury and pleasure of drive one expects from the top car.