How will Christ change North Korea, when He goes in with His people? If this happens before His powerful second coming, He will go in with the power of His own unity, not with the 18moa organizations of men.

Clues from Paul, Ephesians. 1:2,3: The true Church is the very Body of Jesus. Not just a body of believers that happens to belong to Him. The Church IS Him! 4:3. What do we do? Keep the unity (that already exists) in the bond of peace. Recognize what is already there and flow in it. 4:13. Unity of belief may not exist until later, but essential unity is now. In God's eyes there is unity. Always has been. Men are divided, growing, imperfect, but unity is here. I Corinthians 1:10 ff. The Corinthians were divided. But Christ was not divided. Denominations formed. A sectarian spirit developed. Personality cults sprang up. But Christ was one. And is still.

Why the "division" today? People divide for a number of reasons.


  • Some separate because they never belonged to Christ. "They went out from us, but they were not of us."
  • Some believe they are called out to better things. Dangerous idea. But sometimes true.
  • Simple differences of opinion. Paul and Barnabas, for example. But Christ was not divided during that incident. The ecumenists of our day would have begged Paul and Barnabas to stay together at all costs. "Together" is not unity in the Spirit. God had other plans for both of them. We can't figure out everyone's motive and don't need to. Unity continues on regardless. There is One Body filled with One Spirit, just as at the beginning!