If you think of the traditional places in the United Kingdom that have many a school which teaches English to foreign students, then this might bring to mind places such as London, Bournemouth and Brighton. It is also quite possible you will have noticed fifteen years ago there were a lot of South Korean students coming to England, but in the recent years the level has dropped quite dramatically. This is due to the present economical world climate and not so many South Korean 18moa students are coming to the UK, they now prefer to stay at home. This does not mean in any way that the South Koreans have abandoned learning English, it just means they are learning in their home country.

This has led to an explosion in teaching opportunities in all over South Korea, and you will only have to go online for a moment to see the amount of English teaching jobs that are being advertised by public and private schools in Korea. Maybe you have been working at an English language school in the UK and now that you have your qualifications and some experience, you feel you want to widen your horizons a bit further. If South Korea is to be your first country to teach in, you will find a very progressive country and one that is very modern, whilst at the same time still respecting its cultural heritage.

Before jetting off to South Korea it is wise to do some homework on what the rules and regulations are for you to be able to teach English in South Korea. You will also need to find out the level of pay you will receive and what other benefits there maybe. Perhaps the first thing to do is to get your visa sorted out form the Korean Embassy in England before you go and if possible get an offer of a job so that you can obtain an E2 visa. These are only issued to certain countries and you will need a valid passport and be a native English speaking person. Some of the better schools n South Korea will offer you a year's contract and at the same time the cost of a return flight, some of the other benefits may include rent free accommodation.

Having made the decision to teach English in South Korea you will find that your job search does not have to be confined to the capital Seoul, as there are many other cities to choose from and perhaps you might like to be in the south in the seaside resort of Pusan. If however you have landed a job in Seoul you will find that the cost of living in the capital is not expensive, as the public transport is cheap and efficient, and not even the taxis are that expensive. Also as in many Asian countries eating out tends to be on the cheaper side than that of the UK, so you will be able to try many of the tasty Korean dishes available without spending all of your salary!