There is no exact cost factor for stem cell banking plans. The cost might fluctuate depending on your chosen bank and the facility’s type of preservation method. However, now, with Cryoviva, you can get a stem cell banking facility at an affordable cost with the benefit of EMI, allowing you to easily secure your family’s financial and medical well-being.

Here’s the list of stem cell banking plans on easy EMI with Cryoviva to store your baby’s precious cord blood.

Super Saver Plan –

Super Saver Plan is an exclusive product for stem cell banking, which gives you a chance to preserve your little one’s cord blood stem cells and safeguard their healthy life. The plan is available with zero interest, EMI options, with lifetime storage at additional cost.

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Saver plan –

The Saver plan allows the expecting parents to store the baby’s cord blood and cord tissue during birth. The plan is available at an economic price range with zero interest EMI and a lifetime storage plan with excess charge.

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Blessing plan –

Blessing is the latest stem cell banking plan on EMI that enables expectant mothers to opt for stem cell banking with automated processing so they don’t miss the prominent chance of securing their little one’s future health. The blessing plan with zero interest EMI and excess cost for a lifetime storage plan.

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Cryo Supra plan –

Cryo Supra plan is a superior product for affordable stem cell banking, which includes every advanced technology available in the industry. The Supro Superior is available with zero EMI interest and additional lifetime storage banking costs. The Supra ultimate plan for stem cell banking is available lifetime storage with no EMI or additional charges.

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