Both offer unique specifications and pricing, whether a Mahindra mini truck or a pickup. Undoubtedly, Mahindra is now the topmost brand for producing quality commercial vehicles. 

In this regard, the blog provides two models from Mahindra & Mahindra, promising longer durability. Scroll down and continue reading the blog. 

1. Mahindra Jeeto

The quite affordable mini truck comes within a price range of Rs. 4.29 - 4.99 Lakh. Besides, the water-cooled engine gives 16 HP output for optimal performance. 

Moreover, the GVW (1345 kg) can carry light goods at great payload capacity (600 KG). In addition, four strong tyres offer long term durability, providing a 2250 mm wheelbase for a stable ride. 

Furthermore, with 10.5 litres of fuel tank, this Mahindra truck obtained 35.94 kmpl of mileage. Hence, the model wins over your heart with its “Jeeto,” as the name suggests. 

2. Mahindra Bolero Pikup CNG Pickup

Offering a quality CNG-fuel operation, the Mahindra Bolero CNG model is available at Rs. 9.03 Lakh - 9.10 Lakh. Besides, its MSI 2500 CNG engine serves 67 HP output to be reliable for several purposes. 

Moreover, the pickup has 2990 kg GVW, providing 1190 kg of payload capacity to endure heavy loads for longer. At the same time, the wheelbase provides stability with four strong tyres. 

Furthermore, the massive fuel tank promotes greater mileage for the model. As well as the Mahindra Bolero pickup price suits entrepreneurs and businesses in delivery services.