If you’re the type of bride who’s looking for diamond rings in Ottawa, Ontario that are captivating, soulful, and unique, rose-cut diamonds are the ideal choice for you.

Rose diamonds are quite affordable making them great for couples on a budget.

Reasons to love rose diamond rings

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer rose diamonds in Ottawa, Ontario is that these diamonds are quite versatile and perfectly pair with a range of cuts, styles, and designs to suit your needs.

Rose-cut diamonds also tend to have more spread and appear larger than other cuts when looked at from above. This makes it a great option if you’re looking to get a bigger diamond that fits within your budget.

Your rose-cut wedding rings in Ottawa, Ontario also have a lowprofile. This makes them great for active and outgoing brides who work a lot with their hands. It’s low-profile prevents it from accidentally snagging on fabric or hitting any hard surfaces and breaking.

Just keep in mind that these diamonds offer you a minimal shimmer and not a bright shine. This makes it great for low-key brides looking for something simple.

When shopping for a rose-cut diamond, always take the time to pick something that feels personal to you. Avoid simply choosing something trendy that you may not like wearing down the road. 

Wrapping Up

Rose-cut diamonds look beautiful when set in vintage or contemporary settings like an Edwardian or Victorian era. You can also choose a bezel or channel setting for added protection and comfort.

Rose gold looks beautiful when set with these diamonds and offers you a romantic and chic appeal. You can also choose yellow gold and platinum for a lovely contrast and a bit of warmth.