Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet wholesale Product Description HL finish generally be floor as 150# - 320# abrasive paper, the detail grind # can be select by actual application requirement as customer, the grinds method comprise dry polish, oil polish, and the popular way is oiled polish with better effect, even the oiled manner with higher price. Called, brushed and the hairline would be the similar idea, in stainless steel field is a grain be utilised in much more and equipment/elevator and machinery board. HL steel, the title is stainless steel steel, likewise be known as brushed stainless steelstainless steel steel matte, there are many kinds of names. Is a stainless steel surface cure. HL and NO.4 stainless steel sheets Sometimes we call NO.4 as snowflake sand, it is a short pattern compare to HL, NO.4 widely be used in kitchen equipment. It can identify easy by eyes between HL and NO.4 but seemed a little difficult for layman. Production Rang : Finish: No.3, HL, No.5, No.8, SB, Color coating, #3, #4, #8 Film: PVC, PE, PI, Laser PVC, 20um-120um Thickness: 0.3mm - 3.0mm Width: 300mm - 1500mm, the narrowed products pls check in strip products Grade: 304 316L 201 202 430 410s 409 409L Main grade description in different standard ASTMDIN / ENJISGBISO NameOther S20100 2011.4372SUS201S35350X12CrMnNiN17鈥?-5J1 L1 LH 201J1 S20200 2021.4373SUS202S35450X12CrMnNiN18鈥?-5202 L4, 202 J4, 202 J3 S30400 3041.4301SUS304S30408X5CrNi18-1006Cr19Ni10 0Cr18Ni9 S31603 316L1.4404SUS316LS31603X2CrNiMo17-12-2022Cr17Ni12Mo2 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 S40900 409-SUH409S11168X5CrTi120Cr11Ti S40910 409L1.4512SUH409LS11163X2CrTi1200Cr11Ti 022Cr11Ti S41008 410S1.4000SUS410SS11306X6Cr13- Production Process and Feature Hairline stainless steel sheets due to its cosmetic impact and rust resistance are far superior to normal stainless steel, so its use resistance, scratch resistance, clean resistance is also quite powerful, Machinability and other elements of operation are as prevalent as stainless steel, therefore, it is going to turn into a replacement for normal stainless steel goods and input into all sectors which use stainless steel. The hairline stainless steel appears to be therefore convenient ordinary in comparison to the hairline stainless steel that is coloured and widely used for all sorts of outdoor and indoor decoration.Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet wholesale website: