He is a pair of eagle eyes, once the eyes are a little cold, there is a sense of infiltration. Fortunately, Dongshu has a good psychological quality, but she doesn't care what he thinks. It's not safe in the woods, especially if you're a lesbian. Don't go so far in the future. The man opened his mouth slowly, and the tone was so cold that the ice could fall off. East Shu nods: "Good, I will pay attention later." The man sees this, also say no more, turn around and Zhou Hu together to tie up the man like rice dumplings to carry up, and then take away. East Shu looked behind him for a while, also did not understand what, finally simply not difficult for themselves. Yes or no, my ability is limited, and I can't control so much. Let's earn the tuition honestly. Dong Shu cut the hogweed normally, as for the blood? You don't need to hide it. Cut the hogweed for a while and it will be gone. At noon, Dongshu went down the mountain, handed in the hogweed, scored, and then went home normally. Now it is for their own small family to do, although cutting hogweed a day,Teardrop Pallet Racking, even if the full work points are not much. But Dongshu still tries to do her best. There was no need for Han Fangcao to go home at noon. Dongshu normally found a few potatoes, peeled them and cleaned them up. She also found a few pieces of Han Fangcao's pickled meat and chopped them into small pieces. Then she heated the oil in the pot and stewed the vegetables first. Then she put a curtain on the vegetables and put half a basin of washed sorghum rice. After such a pot, the food is all right. This is how people usually cook at home. The rest of Dongshu's work is to make a fire. Fortunately, Wang Yongnian ran back and took over the fire work. East Shu also does not care, the skin child three views are also good, also listens to the discipline, this is enough. The family had lunch, took a break at noon,cantilever racking system, and went to work normally in the afternoon. Dongshu walked far in the afternoon. Because he came back late at night, he could send his prey home quietly, and then clean it up at night and eat it later. Considering the problem of making money, Dongshu decided to get a few live ones and take them to the black market tomorrow. A few yuan a day, first to collect enough tuition and living expenses. The rest will be studied later. The afternoon passed in a hurry. There are many rabbits and pheasants in the forest because there is no one to fight in the depths. Dongshu brought back two pheasants and three hares. The quantity is not much, tomorrow just go to the black market to test the water first. Dong Shu came back late, first to hand in the hogweed and tools. Then he took advantage of the darkness to go up the mountain and bring the prey back. Stay in the mountains for fear of being eaten by other big beasts. So, Dongshu hurried up the mountain to get it back. Then he quietly shut himself up in a small room built by himself. As soon as Han Fangcao saw that Dongshu had caught so much, he wanted to catch it back and dispose of it. As a result, Dongshu pressed his hand. Mom, I have something to say to you. Dongshu felt that this kind of thing, always can not hide from the family, so should say also have to say. And I have to say something about going to school sooner or later. Han Fangcao was startled to see Dongshu so serious. Ah React to come over, answered, wire mesh decking ,industrial racking systems, dragged a little long sound. Their house was built far away, and they didn't even have neighbors. At the beginning, Han Fangcao felt that if they wanted to eat meat, they had to stay away from other people. So, the house was built a little farther. Chapter 1246 in 1970, the best everywhere 40. It's quieter because it's far away from others. Dongshu took Han Fangcao back to the Westinghouse. After thinking about it, she said, "Mom, I'm going to study when the county high school starts in early September." Hearing this, Han Fangcao was startled. After finishing the primary school, Mrs. Wang refused to let the girl go to school directly on the grounds that it was useless and expensive for her to go to school. The original owner didn't resist before. After all, the girls in the family are all like this, no one has resisted, if she resists. I'm sure I'll be beaten, and maybe I'll implicate the rest of the family. After all, her parents were lazy, and she was looked down upon at home. If she made trouble again, it would be even worse. Although the original owner is young, but some of the temperament with Han Fangcao, things at home, see clearly, so do not toss, do not make trouble, honest to go home to work. Fortunately, Han Fangcao loved the child, and the couple were not reliable, so they did not let the original owner go to the field, and had been cutting hogweed. Han Fangcao did not think that Dongshu would still have the idea of wanting to study. It is estimated that the original owner's mind, she did not know. At this time, I was a little surprised. After a long time, this just reacts to come over: "Ah." After answering, he began to think about whether there was any money in the family. The forty yuan from the previous separation was almost put into the house. The family has only a few yuan now. There is no big expense in the village, the most is a little oil and salt matches, go to the supply and marketing cooperatives to buy, as long as a few cents on the line. But if you study, the tuition fee is about a few yuan. And when school starts in September, the primary school in the village must be opened normally. Wang Yongnian also has to go to school. The tuition fee is one or two yuan. And Dong Shu and Wang Yongnian are different. Wang Yongnian is in the village and can go home for lunch at noon. Dongshu to the county, this time, it must be too late. Then you need to bring food, or bring money and food stamps to eat in the school canteen. But there is no one at home. It's not that Han Fangcao won't let me read it, but that there is no condition at home. Han Fangcao was about to say, but Dongshu opened her mouth first: "Mom, you see, the country can't always be like this. Maybe there will be other changes after that. The development of the country can't be short of talents. So the college entrance examination and the university will be restored sooner or later. But it depends on the time. It's just in recent years at the latest. If we don't study, we can't go out in our life.". So, mom, I want to study. "Mom knows." Han Fangcao is very much in agreement with the idea of Dongshu,shuttle rack system, although let her say, she will not say. However, she felt that what Dong Shu said was very reasonable. But knowing is knowing. No money. jracking.com