Said, she has been slightly tired eyes slowly closed, as she "Lunge came to tell him, I like here.." The murmur faded slightly, and Aseline slowly entered the dream. Lenger did not see Aseline fall asleep with a satisfied smile. After seeing Aseline off, his ship continued, and his fleet docked at the dock outside the Seventh Military Gate to the sound of horns from the coastal fortresses. From the moment he arrived in Constantinople to the moment he returned to the city, Lunge seemed to feel that this trip was longer than any other. When he saw the figure of Eropasia, who was already standing on the dock with his ministers waiting for him, a long-lost feeling made his heart tremble slightly. Without the solemn manners and fussy etiquette of Martina, Eropasia, who was still so indifferent and casual even in her gorgeous golden queen's robe, walked up to her husband and looked at Lunge's slightly dark cheeks blown by the sea breeze. Then she naturally put her arms around Lunge's neck. "The knight who saved the beauty has finally returned to his castle, but I didn't expect that you didn't bring your beauty back, or that she didn't want to be locked in a cage?" "If you want to get out of this cage,warehousing storage solutions, I will help you, too," Lenger whispered as he bowed his head and kissed his wife on the lips. "I think more of my Minerva than of a queen." A low cough came from behind, and Eropasia reluctantly released her arms around her husband's neck. She stepped back slightly and bowed slightly to Lunge, then accompanied her husband to the Roman ministers who had been whispering. My lords, "after a little hesitation,mobile racking systems, Lunge spread his arms slightly to his side," Cyprus belongs to Rome. " Although the news had reached Constantinople a few days earlier, it was still impossible to describe the look on the faces of the ministers when Lunge made the official announcement. Some of them were blinking slightly, some of them were still looking back at other people's faces, and some of them had made a meaningless whine in their mouths because they were too excited. Cyprus had been isolated from Rome for nearly four centuries, after it was completely defeated by the fleet of the Arab Empire and then lost its power over the Mediterranean. Although troops were sent many times to try to recapture the island, and even built many fortresses on the small islands near Cyprus, the Romans finally had to give up their dream of recapturing the lost territory because of repeated failures. But now, the emperor has once again demonstrated the power of God to create miracles with the favor given to him by God. Everyone knows what the recovery of Sepus means to Rome, which means that Rome not only has the real power to control the whole eastern coast of the Mediterranean again, shuttle rack system ,mobile racking systems, but also means that Rome has taken a dream step towards the East! For many years, the loss of Asia Minor was a great sorrow for the Romans, and the loss of Jerusalem was a nightmare for the Romans, who were completely defeated by the pagans in the East. In the East, from the steppes of Asia Minor to the banks of the Euphrates, the traces of Rome are fading, but with the recovery of Cyprus, the Romans seem to see once again the dreams they dared not place in their hearts centuries ago. At this time, even the senators, who had fought against the imperial power all their lives, could not help cheering with joy. Even though the news had already been heard, there was still a deafening cheer on the dock: "Long live the Roman Empire!" And when they were finally alone together, Eropasia, lying in her husband's arms, said to Lunge "ferociously" with a kind of boldness quite different from her wise appearance in the eyes of others: "Aren't you the hero who conquered the siren of Cyprus? Then let me see how you conquered the queen of Rome!" ……………… The month of July 190 passed quickly, and with the opening of a gateway to Jerusalem with a massacre in Akka, Richard was finally satisfied to see the crusaders agree to his brave but not reckless plan. However, just as Richard decided to March to the Holy Land, news suddenly came that the Saracen army was advancing on the right flank of the Crusaders along the direction parallel to the coastline on the edge of the Gobi not far from the city of Akka, and Richard, who had understood the enemy's intentions after a little thought, was quite surprised to find that the army of the Sultan of Egypt seemed to be advancing against the Crusaders. Tripoli, an extremely important rear base, marched. Will Saladin cut me off from Tripoli? Richard couldn't help but be surprised. Volume VI Poem of Destiny Chapter 112 "If Martina Lives.." Volume VI Poem of Destiny Chapter 112 "If Martina Lives.." A sea breeze blew from the window, and Aselin, who was lying on the bed covered with a thin quilt, snored softly. When she woke up in her sleep because of a gentle touch between her lips, she saw Lunge sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at her seriously. He looked a little tired, as if he had not slept well. When did you get here? There was a smile on Aseline's face. She instinctively wanted to sit up, but the pain in her lower abdomen made her frown. "I thought you would come to see me later. Can your queen allow you to come to see me on the third day after you came back to her?" "I've been here for a while, but I want to see you asleep," Renger said, pushing his fingers through Aselin's tangled hair and looking into his mesmerizing eyes. Renger could not help but reach out and gently touch the elastic body under the blanket. "You know, Eropasia is not Martina, and I do have something important to do this time. "Why have I never noticed that you look so good,heavy duty metal racks, or should I say so seductive, when you're asleep?" Said Lunge, slightly cupping Aseline's jaw. 。