Once again, she shook hands with fate, no longer asked whether Wu Yu had ever loved herself, no longer asked who he belonged to. The pomegranate tree that has never borne fruit will also disappear with the migration of the cemetery of martyrs. The young monk will no longer linger under the tree. As he longed for, he should be free. Her little monk, he is the rain on Wushan Mountain, which merges into rivers and mountains, turns into clouds, and finally becomes a tear in the heart of Orange Year. They Are Not Zhu Xiaobei (Part 1) When Zhu Xiaobei was in middle school, once, a male classmate came to visit him with a red face on the weekend. As a result, his mother came back to buy vegetables and ran into him. She took it for granted that she drove the poor boy away mercilessly. Then she moved a stool and sat at the gate of her house, patting her thighs and teaching her daughter a lesson. She says: "You this dead wench, just how old age, unexpectedly start to move those dirty ideas, still dare to take those smelly boys home, you this is to want to make me angry.". I advise you to die that idea as soon as possible. You can't have puppy love. It's serious to study hard. You see, your uncle Wang's daughter is an undergraduate from a famous university, and her brother is also studying for a master's degree. You have to fight for your mother. Otherwise, you might as well give birth to a piece of barbecued pork. Zhu Xiaobei's family lived on the first floor. Her mother's solemn and stirring voice shocked the whole courtyard that day. Neighbors, friends,warehouse storage racks, uncles and uncles in the past cast sympathetic eyes on Zhu Xiaobei, who was seriously eating noodles with a bowl. In fact, they need not be like this, Xiao Bei's soul has not suffered much trauma. On the one hand, from childhood to adulthood, she has exercised her little heart like a golden bell jar and an indestructible iron cloth shirt in her mother's roar; on the other hand, the rolling historical torrent has finally proved a truth after several years, that is,asrs warehouse, in this accidental and inevitable event, her mother's trauma is far greater than her own. More than a decade later, at the age of 29 and one month, postdoctoral student Zhu Xiaobei traveled thousands of miles to return home happily to visit her parents. Her poor and lamentable mother once again sat on a stool at the door, patting her thighs with snot and tears. You damn girl, how old are you? How can you not have the idea of starting a family? I've never seen you bring half of your boyfriend home. You're trying to make me angry. Are you finished reading this book? You can't fool me with that new thing of celibacy. Finding a man to marry is a serious matter. You see, your uncle Wang's grandson can already play soy sauce. The big girl across the street gave birth to a son last year. You have to do your best for your old age. Otherwise, you might as well give birth to a piece of barbecued pork. Zhu Xiaobei stood by the door, touching her nose dejectedly, and the old and grown neighbors, new and old friends, once again cast sympathetic eyes on her. Zhu Xiaobei finally believed that in her mother's heart, her piece of barbecued pork was fixed, and neither side was human. But then again, drive in racking system ,industrial racking systems, the mother's white hair on her temples and the anxiety in her eyes are so real, after all, she still cares about her daughter, ah, this is her own mother! In this situation, it is more appropriate to sum up this tragedy in one sentence, that is, "If I had known today, why did I have to do it?" If her mother knew that the boy she beat away with a handful of celery was the only one who had ever extended an olive branch to him, would she regret vomiting blood on the spot. When his mother finished venting, Zhu Xiaobei smiled and patted the old man on the back, telling irrelevant jokes. The mother finally complained that she was tired and poked her daughter's head and sighed, "How can I raise a daughter like you?" Only she would ask this question, and even Zhu Xiaobei's father, who had been bullied for decades and was already as docile as a sheep, knew to mutter, "Like daughter, like mother.". "People who don't understand the truth may think that Zhu Xiaobei was born in a mean alley and has a pair of typical vulgar parents, which is wrong, very wrong!"! The compound that shocked Zhu's mother more than once was the staff dormitory area of a bank in Shenyang. Her father, who washed his wife's feet, was the president of a branch, while her mother, who always made surprising remarks, had just retired from a glorious post as a bank accountant. Zhu's father is gentle and meticulous in his work. Zhu's mother is good at business, straightforward in character, and has a quick mouth. She is good at solving problems both in the unit and in the courtyard. But she can't solve the life event of her 30-year-old postdoctoral daughter. How can she not think it's a big hate? Zhu Xiaobei, in addition to picking up a careless and cool temper from her mother, has been nurtured by her knowledgeable father since childhood, and has developed a good habit of reading books and copying notes carefully from every book. She can sum up a number of feelings by watching a brief introduction of the program on the TV newspaper, so she always carries a beautiful little book on her body. The above philosophy of life, common sense of life, current affairs and politics, and tidbits are all-inclusive. Over the years, this book has not been updated much. When Zhu Xiaobei was in adolescence, Zhu's mother, who had a keen sense of smell and was smart in hearing and seeing, once tried to regard this small book as a key monitoring object, so as to understand her daughter's mental journey and strangle one in ten thousand of her "going astray" in the cradle. But Zhu Xiaobei never hides her little book. It often appears on the dining table, or at the head of the bed, or even in any corner of the living room. The content inside is too complicated. Zhu's mother turned over many pages and found that the content is still healthy. Occasionally, there are some hazy girl feelings. This is not necessarily a bad thing for her daughter who never likes to wear skirts. The suspicious thing is that nothing has been found. They Are Not Zhu Xiaobei (Part Two) After Jiangnan sobered up, he completely forgot what he had said that day. Zhu Xiaobei and he continued to be buddies shoulder to shoulder, looking no different from other friends. At the end of the college entrance examination, Xiao Bei went to the distant city of G, while Jiangnan returned to Xinjiang, where his parents deliberately took him away,heavy duty cantilever racks, on the grounds of going to college again. One is called Xiao Bei and the other is called Jiang Nan. Is it doomed to be far apart? After going south to study, Xiao Bei listened to her mother's words. She studied, studied and studied. She never fell in love until this "obedience" became the biggest worry in Zhu Xiaobei's mother's heart. jracking.com