The door of the morgue is locked, so there is no need to worry about possible dangers from below. The air in the stairwell is extremely dull because it has not been circulated for a long time, and plants growing in the corner can be seen everywhere. The two men walked upstairs in silence, not noticing that not long after they had passed, the vines that had been wrapped around the handrail of the stairs were moving slowly in their direction like poisonous snakes lurking in the shadows. By the wall at the corner sat a half-dead body, in a hospital gown, too dry to recognize face or age. His legs partially disappeared, and a dense tangle of weeds grew out of the broken limb like a treacherous potted plant. Well, I can probably see the relationship between here and plants. It was so quiet that Alan subconsciously breathed, "Real Plants vs. Zombies?"? Parasitism? It's like I'm afraid that if I speak a little louder, I'll disturb something. Dong Zheng shook his head, too few clues, all the ideas to now can only be a guess. Dong Zheng bypassed the corpse and just took two steps up when he heard a woman's voice in his ear: "I will be able to leave the hospital in three days." The voice was very, very light, like a whisper in a lover's ear, and it was also very close to his side face. All of a sudden, Dong Zheng was frozen and stood up in unison. Allen in front of him didn't seem to hear it and was still walking up. After leaving the hospital, let's go to the park in the suburbs and take the children with us. I haven't been out for a long time. The voice murmured again, Dong Zheng lowered his head,stainless steel tile trim, a thin hand was stretching out from behind him, gently grasping his right arm, just like a detainment. Dong Zheng closed his eyes forcefully and opened them again. Not a hallucination. I don't know how he saw it in the near darkness. Despite the clothes, the hand touched the place still felt the biting chill, Dong Zheng took a deep breath, did not wait for the woman to speak again, did not hesitate to step up three steps,stainless steel tile edge trim, with the fastest speed to catch up with the front of Allen. At the moment he broke away, a shrill cry exploded behind him, and countless hands stretched out from the shadows, trying their best to catch something. Dong Zheng's trouser legs were clenched, and he completely ignored them. As he stepped out, his dry and brittle fingers, unwilling to let go, were torn off and rolled down the stairs. Allen had pushed open the staircase door on the first floor and went in. Dong Zheng finally looked back when he left the stairwell. Plants in the green light had filled the whole stairwell. Human hands grew from the end of the branches and leaves. In the palm of his hand was a strange mouth full of sharp teeth. The black flowers as big as the basin were trembling gently and making a woman's voice. He closed the door quickly. Cold sweat has wet the back of the jacket, Dong Zheng recalled everything just now, fingers are some uncontrollably trembling. As a staunch atheist who had been taught materialism since childhood, he had never had a similar fantasy in his previous 26 years of life, let alone a fear of ghosts, but because of this, stainless steel edge trim ,metal trim manufacturers, when the world view collapsed completely, the fear was even more profound. The first floor was finally no longer dark, and there was a light in the long corridor. Allen breathed a sigh of relief. He looked back and found that Dong Zheng's lips were tight and his face was pale. His heart, which had been put down a little, was suddenly raised again. He asked cautiously, "What's wrong?" "There was something in the stairwell just now." Dong Zheng whispered, "All the plants here may have wisdom. They can imitate human beings. Be careful." "Well.." I know Allen stared at a point behind Dong Zheng, hesitated to speak, his eyes slowly moved to the top of Dong Zheng's head, and a drop of cold sweat as big as a bean dripped from his forehead. He swallowed with difficulty and looked at Dong Zheng. Two people line of sight intersection moment, Dong Zheng immediately the whole person fell to the ground, at the same time "crash" a loud noise, gladiolus leaves from the place where Dong Zheng's head was stabbed, huge force smashed the window glass! "***!"! What the hell is this? With a scream, Allen gave Dong Zheng a hand to help him get up, and the two of them rushed to the other end of the corridor. Pushing open the double doors, Alan bumped into something before he could see it clearly. Chapter 24 Ghost Hospital [Fourth Watch]. "Ah!" The young nurse's exclamation rang in her ears, and Alan stumbled and almost sat down on the ground. He quickly grabbed Dong Zheng's arm at random and steadied himself. Alan froze at the sight. People were coming and going in the bright hospital hall, and nurses and doctors were all busy with their own affairs, talking with people in hospital gowns. There was more or less blood on their clothes and a certain degree of decay in their bodies, but all of them did their own things as if they had not noticed, or frowned, or talked and laughed. There was even a translucent ghost floating out of the damaged stairwell, finding a passing zombie doctor and starting a conversation. Everything seems to be in a normal hospital. However, the glass door of the hall was closed, covered with cobweb-like cracks, and large areas of blood were splashed on it, imprinting the shape of countless handprints, as well as the thick darkness outside. Dong Zheng can not help but think, perhaps all the people in this hospital are forced to shut inside can not leave, strange things happen again and again, desperate people have been frantically beating the door, crying, with their own or other people's blood on their hands. In the end, all of them became the living dead and ghosts, trapped in the hospital forever, repeating their work as if all the deaths and nightmares had never happened. Please don't run in the hospital and don't make a lot of noise. The nurse, with half of her face showing her skull, reminded Alan with a serious face that she had a deep visible bone wound on one of her arms, which almost fell off when Alan hit her. Allen was still in shock, and his body was stained with the corpse water splashed by the little nurse. Dong Zheng quickly pulled him behind him, nodded,stainless steel tile edging, and said for him: "Sorry, I will pay attention to it later." The little nurse straightened the askew nurse's cap, lowered her head and muttered something in her mouth. She could not hear clearly but was obviously complaining about Allen. She left quickly.